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American Goldfinch by Samuel Medina


    Painted: 11/29/22

    Concerning the Fowl: American Goldfinches will be discovered all through america, the hen’s golden hue—which females put on extra subtly than the flashy males—a typical website at feeders particularly in winter. They will also be interested in yards by planting native milkweed and thistles, which the birds climb acrobatically to glean for seeds. Goldfinches’ additionally use thistle, together with plant fibers and spiderwebs, to construct cup nests so well-crafted they might even maintain water. Though widespread now, on the present tempo of warming the species is projected to lose some 65 % of its breeding vary in North America, pushing it out of a lot of the decrease 48 states. Spring warmth waves and heavy rainfall, extra results of local weather change, might also endanger younger birds.

    Concerning the Artist: Samuel Medina is a pupil at Bronx Group School. His inventive pursuits vary from the visible arts, portray, sculpture, and public artwork to drama, and he has acted in plenty of productions, together with as Kevin Rosario within the first (and to date solely) stage manufacturing of In The Heights to have been carried out in Washington Heights—at George Washington Excessive College, his alma mater. Dwelling on 151st road, Sam has witnessed the Audubon Mural Mission’s beginnings and progress and has assisted on lots of the missions, most notably on Carlos Pinto and John Sear’s mosaic set up