Animatronic Pterosaur Takes To The Skies

The proper addition to any assortment of prehistoric creatures! This extremely detailed and lifelike reproduction of the prehistoric flying reptile will make you’re feeling such as you’ve traveled again in time to the Jurassic interval.

Crafted with meticulous consideration to element, the Animatronic Pterosaur encompasses a life like texture and colour scheme that completely captures the essence of this unbelievable creature.

With a wingspan of over 3 ft, this Pterosaur is certain to impress and captivate anybody who sees it.

The Animatronic Pterosaur is not only a static mannequin, however a completely purposeful animatronic creation that may transfer its wings, head, and mouth, in addition to produce life like sound results.

This lets you recreate the awe-inspiring sight of a Pterosaur in flight or perched on a tree. Whether or not you’re a collector of prehistoric artifacts or a fan of Jurassic Park, this Animatronic Pterosaur is a must have addition to your assortment.

Extra product particulars concerning the Animatronic Pterosaur:

World cargo


24 months guarantee

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