Life like Hidden Legs Trex Costume Stilt

The practical hidden legs trex costume stilt is designed to look and transfer like an actual T-Rex. The hidden legs characteristic means that you can create the phantasm that you simply’re strolling on two legs, similar to the true T-Rex. Crafted from high-quality supplies, this costume stilt is each sturdy and comfy to put on. … Read more

Modifying Toolbox: Eradicating One thing from Behind the Topic

By Charlotte Reeves Have you ever ever shot the PERFECT picture, solely to understand there’s something actually distracting RIGHT behind the topic? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Eradicating issues from behind the topic is usually a minefield. There’s numerous instruments you possibly can strive (and I will share a few of these too) however they typically make the job actually … Read more

Why DIY Raccoon Management Does not Work?

Many householders discover DIY raccoon elimination tempting. They don’t understand that almost all DIY management efforts are ineffective and harmful. If you wish to take away raccoons out of your property, leaving the wildlife management to the professionals is greatest. DIY Elimination Strategies and Their Shortcomings DIY strategies sometimes contain trapping or humane harassment — … Read more

I Know Dino Podcast: Brachiosaurus

Episode 39 is all about Brachiosaurus, a sauropod with longer forelimbs than hindlimbs. You’ll be able to hearken to our free podcast, with all our episodes, on iTunes at: On this episode, we talk about: The dinosaur of the day: Brachiosaurus, whose title means “arm lizard” Brachiosaurus is a sauropod that lived within the Jurassic in North America … Read more

Simply had my lifer Cinereous Vulture this morning – 10,000 Birds

I wakened this morning and checked social media earlier than the espresso, solely to note a publish: “MEGA – a Cinereous Vulture [a.k.a. Eurasian Black Vulture] with a satellite tv for pc transmitter spent the evening within the arable fields close to Belgrade”. Superficially related however unrelated to New World condors, it’s large, extra pterodactyl-like … Read more

I Know Dino Podcast: Massospondylus

Episode 40 is all about Massospondylus, a sauropodomorph with thumb claws and forelimbs half the size of its hindlimbs. We additionally introduced the launch of our Patreon marketing campaign. We’re so grateful to all our listeners, and we need to make the very best dinosaur reveals doable. In the event you take pleasure in our free weekly podcast and … Read more

Episode 429: A mini ankylosaur and an enormous hadrosaur

Episode 429: A mini ankylosaur and an enormous hadrosaur. Plus Lindsey Kinsella joins to debate his new ebook “The Lazarus Taxa” which incorporates scientists touring to the Cretaceous and encountering many fascinating dinosaurs. Information: A brand new tiny ankylosaur from Patagonia, Patagopelta supply Child tyrannosaurs could have been strolling pals supply Interview: Lindsey Kinsella, a … Read more