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Birds encourage new album from Emilie-Claire Barlow


    Immediately, award-winning vocal jazz artist Emilie-Claire Barlow is releasing “Spark Fowl,” her first full album in 5 years. Because the title suggests, birds impressed Barlow’s creativity. In the course of the isolation of the coronavirus pandemic, Barlow questioned if she would ever need to make one other file. However every day go to from a Yellow-winged Cacique to a house she rented on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, modified every little thing. On this eight-song album, she gives her personal playful singles in addition to upbeat renditions of “Over the Rainbow,” Stevie Marvel’s 1974 hit “Fowl of Magnificence,” and extra. We’re completely happy to current the album’s liner notes during which Barlow writes about her winged muses. Barlow is acting at (the place else?) the Birdland Jazz Membership and Theater in New York Metropolis this weekend, March 31-April 2. — the editor


    “A chicken arrives, and adjustments every little thing.”

    Precisely! I believe to myself, on listening to these phrases from Ira Glass in This American Life’s “Spark Fowl” episode. I had already met my Spark Fowl and discovered what the time period meant: “The chicken that units alight an enduring love for all issues avian,” wrote Invoice Wiser at

    Enter the Yellow-winged Cacique — my Spark Fowl! At first, I didn’t know its identify and even what it seemed like. I simply knew that some type of chicken was visiting the visitor room door each morning in a home Steve and I have been renting on Oaxaca’s coast, alighting on the door deal with and alternately tapping on the glass and squawking loudly. Every time I attempted to sneak into the room to catch a glimpse, it will fly off rapidly, leaving me with a flash of black and vivid yellow.

    We quickly arrange a digital camera and the subsequent morning, caught this excellent, comical exercise on video. The Yellow-winged Cacique is a standard chicken on the west coast of Mexico, and I started recognizing them in all places. And listening to them! They are often fairly noisy, and their vocabulary fascinates. Mornings, they’re one of many first birds we hear. Generally a flock will seem at our chicken tub and take turns splashing, harassing one another, exhibiting their Muppet-like floppy crests.

    They construct superbly crafted, lengthy pendulous nests that dangle from palm timber, or swing precariously from energy traces. As soon as Steve and I discovered one in our backyard. It had fallen from a tall palm on a windy day. We picked it up and heard the tiny squawking of two child caciques inside! We hung the nest up from a bamboo pole as excessive as we might and have been relieved and delighted when the mother and father confirmed up a day later and rescued the infants.

    Being musicians, it’s virtually unattainable for us to not hear rhythm and melody in all places. Birds are nature’s musicians. We really feel a kinship! Fowl noises are an virtually fixed soundtrack right here in southern Mexico. It could be the closest factor to dwelling in an aviary. Because the solar seems, you hear the orchestra heat up. The primary sound is the rhythmic tapping of the Pale-billed Woodpecker. He has a bit of drumroll that begins issues off. Ba-dap-ba-ba. It truly sounds extra like a woodblock. Then the Rufous-naped Wrens take part, like a staccato fanfare, cascading one after the opposite. Somebody appears to be flying in circles round the home, letting out a high-pitched whistle as they go, making a doppler impact. Is it the Orange-breasted Bunting? Is it only one? Or maybe a caravan, heading off to…..wherever it’s they go? These are the issues I take into consideration as I come to within the morning.

    The delicate sporadic tones of the Altamira Orioles. Brash, screechy biker gangs of White-throated Magpie-Jays, and the piercing name of the Nice Kiskadee (which all the time sounds to me prefer it’s telling somebody off — in all probability the jays). Then a thrush will arrive to steal the present, with essentially the most diatonic music of all. A lilting melody that feels to me like 6/8 time — groovy and so musical. No matter I’m doing, at any time of day, when that thrush begins up, I drop every little thing and dance alongside to its music. I actually flip all my consideration to this chicken. And that is actually what I’m getting at. These birds have the ability to fully transport me.

    Who’s making THAT sound? It’s exhilarating to listen to a name or music we haven’t heard earlier than. Steve and I’ll go to nice lengths to determine a brand new solid member becoming a member of the troupe. Some are elusive. The Citreoline Trogon, with its accelerating bouncing ball-bearing name, was initially very difficult to find. And although they’re normally noticed alone, we not too long ago discovered ourselves below a tree with a complete flock of them calling to one another! It was a thrill to be amongst so many gathered collectively!

    We as soon as climbed as much as the roof of a apartment we have been renting to attempt to uncover who was making a most peculiar sound in the course of the evening. We crept across the constructing in the dead of night, and eventually situated the chicken, which was truly far down on the grass, bouncing round and making that lovely flourish-y fluttery trill because it foraged. It was a Pauraque, which is a kind of nightjar, a part of the Whip-poor-will household, and we have been past happy to have discovered the supply!

    In fact, I’ve all the time been conscious of birds and loved them. The haunting name of a loon throughout summers on the cottage in Ontario. Dramatic silhouette of a Nice Blue Heron on the lake’s shore. Chickadees’ onomatopoeic chitchatting. A vivid pink cardinal noticed in opposition to the snow. The fats, fast-food-stealing Ring-billed and Herring Gulls down on the seashore in Toronto the place I grew up — all the time enjoyable to observe. And Canada Geese — probably entertaining, undoubtedly terrifying. Breathtaking flamingos seen for the primary time in Florida – and pelicans!

    However this bizarre appreciation has grown right into a ardour and a thirst to study extra about these magical creatures.

    I don’t belong to any birder teams or stand up on the daybreak to go birding. I don’t have an inventory. Perhaps in the future! However I can say that birds are an enormous a part of my life. On this splendidly biodiverse a part of the world, the birds are all the time current and endlessly amusing. I really feel so fortunate at any time when I get the possibility to see one near me. Or when one chooses to nest in a close-by tree. I’m infinitely fascinated and curious.

    When that cacique tapped on my window, I felt a spark. Not only a budding chicken obsession, however the curiosity and want to see what life could be like if I spent extra time on this place that makes me really feel so buoyant and stuffed with marvel.

    It’s been some time since I made a file…just a few years since I felt the urge to tug a set of songs collectively on this method.

    However the birds — a relentless supply of pleasure and inspiration — have reignited my spark. For that I’m stuffed with gratefulness.

    Observe Emilie-Claire Barlow on Fb and Instagram

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