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Episode 21 – Love within the Time of Chasmosaurs


    Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: The Podcast promotional graphic featuring a chasmosaurus skull with a microphone

    It’s time for episode 21, and it’s a particular one. As a substitute of our ordinary format, we’ve skipped the interview this week to take our time to speak about certainly one of our oldest, most particular and most cherished palaeoart books but. In spite of everything, what Classic Dinosaur Artwork is extra worthy of an in-depth look than Alice B. Woodward’s Golden Age illustrations in Henry Knipe’s Evolution within the Previous, all the best way from 1912? The truth that two-thirds of us have come down with a brutal chilly has nothing to do with it, I promise.

    What’s all this speak about a Golden Age of illustration? What, if something, is a rhabodontid? Is Natee secretly a complete T. rex stan? Are all of us going to interrupt right into a Gilbert & Sullivan music and dance quantity? (No.) And what did the scientists of the 1910s make of the notorious butt-brain speculation? Discover out on this riveting episode.

    Within the Information

    • Transylvanosaurus platycephalus is a brand new rhabodontid from Romania’s Hateg Basin, with some surprising affiliations. The paper is right here.
    • A brand new dromaeosaur from the Jehol biota, Daurlong wangi, preserves a few of its inner digestive tract, suggesting that these birdlike dinosaurs weren’t fairly birdlike on the within. The paper is right here.
    • A newly described species of Daspletosaurus, D. wilsoni, appears to be an intermediate type between D. torosus and D. horneri, and appears to counsel Daspletosaurus was a direct ancestor to a different well-known theropod… The paper is right here. We’re once more three for 3 with open entry papers this month.

    Classic Dinosaur Artwork

    Evolution within the Previous is our oldest work but, a 110-year previous look into the Mesozoic by the use of the Edwardian age. Is Alice B. Woodward an unfrarly forgotten genius of paleoart? Ernest Bucknall can also be there.