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Episode 212: The ‘hole’ within the dialog tells you what your horse is pondering.


    On this podcast, I clarify how it’s attainable to show a horse to supply fascinating responses. I describe it as having a ‘dialog’ with a horse. I talk about the speculation AND I give precise using examples, together with a hyperlink to a video instance.

    Inside a dialog, there are ‘gaps’ or areas left for the opposite within the dialog to answer. What your horse presents in these gaps tells you what he’s pondering.

    I clarify how the ‘hole’ modifications because the horse’s advance in coaching, and what to do if the horse fills the hole with a ‘inventive’ thought.

    I additionally cowl what doesn’t work, which is simply LEAVING A GAP time and again.
    In the event you go away the hole…and so they supply one thing undesirable…repeating that sample doesn’t create readability for the horse.