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Episode 214: Reviewing…with out a self doubt spiral.


    Self-doubt is usually born out of a low-value cycle.

    “I might have finished higher.” sound so harmless.
    However what it actually begins somewhat spiral of self-doubt.

    The subsequent time you need to decide, part of you’ll really feel doubt, since you KNOW you’ll be judging your self sooner or later.

    Your therapy of your self throughout a evaluation, vastly impacts your willingness to take part.

    It’s doable to take a look at your previous actions and study from them with out judging your self for making the selection. It’s doable to remain impartial concerning the selection, really feel disappointment concerning the end result, AND study from the experiences.

    In your horsemanship journey, you’ll expertise many feelings.
    You’ll seemingly make selections that you just received’t need to repeat.

    Altering your habits is feasible with out including disgrace or criticism.

    Make the choice.
    Have your individual again.
    Settle for it as finished and full.
    AND notice you’re nonetheless free to decide on otherwise.

    “Life can solely be understood backwards; however it have to be lived forwards.”
    Soren Kierkegaard