Episode 24 – Love within the Time of Chasmosaurs

Our visitor this episode is Emiliano Troco, a contemporary ‘outdated grasp’ whose conventional work evoke the imagery of the flowering of early twentieth century palaeontology. Our Classic Dinosaur Artwork title is Dorling Kindersley’s The Final Dinosaur Ebook, one other of these formative publications launched in the identical 12 months as Jurassic Park, and one which may fairly justly declare to have then lived as much as its identify. Can Niels resist making a Slam Dunk joke? Can Marc resist referencing Jurassic Park and classic dinosaur toys suddenly? Can Natee resist breaking into Carrollean verse? Can Troco resist flying right into a berserk rage at any time when anybody mentions Zdeněokay Burian? Discover out on this thrilling episode!

Within the Information

  • Dunkleosteus is friend-shaped! ‘A Devonian Fish Story: A New Methodology of Physique Size Estimation Suggests A lot Smaller Sizes for Dunkleosteus terrelli,paper by Russell Ok. Engelman.
  • Hopefully we’re restoring our maniraptoran arms accurately. ‘Origin of the propatagium in non-avian dinosaurs,’ paper by Yurika Uno & Tatsuya Hirosawa.
  • How doth the little ankylosaur
    Enhance its armoured throat,
    And add to the Cretaceous rating
    Its personal melodious word?
    ‘An ankylosaur larynx supplies insights for bird-like vocalization in non-avian dinosaurs,’ paper by Yoshida et al. Dr. Mark Witton’s Twitter thread outlining key implications.

Classic Dinosaur Artwork

The Final Dinosaur Ebook by David Lambert, printed by Dorling Kindersley, 1993. It options photographed modelwork by, amongst others, Roby Braun and Centaur Studios.


Marc interviews Emiliano Troco, a standard artist based mostly in Udine, northern Italy, working primarily in oils on themes historic, mythological, and naturally, palaeontological. Emiliano has been likened to a ‘modern-day Zdeněk Burian.’


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