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Episode 259: Dinosaur fossils that match on the top of a pin


    Episode 259 is all about Chingkankousaurus, a doable tyrannosauroid from japanese China identified solely from a shoulder blade.

    We additionally interview Phoebe Wooden, a major scholar from Adelaide, South Australia. She received a number of awards for her Anchiornis huxleyi mannequin. Together with Younger Scientist of the 12 months 2019 and the Oliphant Trophy—a primary for a major college scholar.

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    On this episode, we focus on:


    • Information from the ultimate day of talks and posters on the 2019 assembly of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology supply
      • A big diversified choice of dinosaur microfossils from the Alaskan Kakanaut Formation present that dinosaurs lived within the arctic year-round
      • After extra restoration work, an alternate Allosaurus holotype is able to be named
      • Siats and Moros finds present that Allosauroids and Tyrannosauroids coexisted within the cretaceous
      • We now have a superb progress sequence of over 20 Sinornithomimus people from China
      • A coprolite “nugget” exhibits glorious preservation of a minimum of two feather varieties and certain a number of ticks
      • Extra proof exhibits that dinosaur variety was very excessive up till the end-cretaceous extinction
      • By evaluating LAGs in arm and leg bones, one other research exhibits that Maiasaura was quadrupedal its entire life
      • A brand new Jurassic ankylosaur was present in Portugal
      • Two new ceratopsians have been found in Grand Staircase Escalante Nationwide Monument
      • A brand new “Tremendous matrix” of crocodilians locations some troublesome taxa in a cladogram
      • An evaluation of Dimetrodon (not a dinosaur) and its family exhibits the wide selection of sizes that they got here in
      • The Tate Geological Museum have discovered a few sauropod ft and a diplodocid cranium
    • The Burke Museum in Washington has a brand new exhibit known as Fossils Uncovered supply
    • A brand new animation exhibits how lengthy dinosaurs lived, by tracing our photo voltaic system’s motion by way of the Milky Method Galaxy supply
    • Horse Archer Productions has a brand new net sequence, A Million Bones of Stone, the primary episode is about Laelaps supply
    • Justice Smith and Daniella Pineda, who performed Franklin and Zia, in Fallen Kingdom will probably be again for Jurassic World 3 supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Chingkankousaurus

    • Theropod that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Shandong province in japanese China (Wangshi Group)
    • Just one species: Chingkankousaurus fragilis
    • Named for the village Chingkankou (Jingankou), close to the place it was discovered
    • Described by Yang Zhongjian (a.okay.a. C.C. Younger) in 1958 from one scapula, which he mentioned was mainly like Allosaurus however smaller
    • Some scientists thought the shoulder bone was a rib or a part of gastralia, however a 2013 research discovered that to be unlikely
    • Dan Chure assigned the fossil to Coelurosauria in 2001, and some years later scientists refined that to a tyrannosauroid

    Enjoyable Truth:
    There have been two Anchiornis specimens studied for his or her coloration patterns: one with orange head feathers and one with out.