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Episode 261: A New Exceptional Triassic Herrerasaurid


    Episode 261 is all about Pelecanimimus, the “pelican mimic” with over 200 enamel.

    We additionally interview with Stuart Sumida, biology professor at California State College, San Bernardino, and an anatomical marketing consultant to particular impact artists and animators. He’s labored on over 50 movies with many studios (Disney, Pixar, ILM, many extra) in addition to with video games (Blizzard), written books, printed quite a few scientific articles, and led digs around the globe.

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    On this episode, we talk about:


    • A brand new exceptional early herrerasaurid, Gnathovorax cabreirai, was present in Brazil supply
    • A brand new set of Oryctodromeus fossils had been present in Idaho together with at the very least one new burrow supply
    • Crystal Palace dinosaur park within the UK could also be getting a brand new, everlasting bridge so guests can get nearer to the dinosaurs supply
    • Avengers #26 will present the “first superhero” within the Marvel Universe, a T. rex supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Pelecanimimus

    • Basal ornithomimosaur that lived within the Early Cretaceous in what’s now Spain (Las Hoyas fossil website)
    • Holotype consists of the entrance half of the skeleton (cranium, decrease jaws, neck and again vertebrae, ribs, sternum, pectoral girdle, full proper forelimb and many of the left forelimb, in addition to tender tissue in the back of the cranium, across the neck and entrance limbs)
    • About 6.6-8.2 ft (2-2.5 m) lengthy
    • Had a protracted, slender cranium
    • Had wrinkled pores and skin impressions, so most likely didn’t have scales or feathers (although not 100% positive)
    • Comfortable tissue stays discovered that present there was a small pores and skin or keratin crest on the again of the top, and a throat pouch (gular pouch) much like what trendy pelican’s have
    • Additionally discovered specialised tongue bones within the neck
    • Could have been like a crane, and waded into lakes or ponds and catching fish and storing them in its pores and skin flap
    • Had hook-like arms, with fingers that had been all comparable size with straight claws
    • Had probably the most enamel of ornithomimosaurs (most of them had been toothless)
    • Had about 220 small enamel that had been heterodont (those in entrance had been broad, those in again had been blade-like, and enamel within the higher jaw had been greater than enamel within the decrease jaw)
    • Enamel had been unserrated
    • Probably used enamel for chopping and ripping (might work like a beak, like a slicing impact, in accordance with Pérez-Moreno et al.)
    • Muscle remnants discovered
    • Gregory Paul prompt Pelecanimimus could have been capable of fly or descended not too long ago from an animal that would fly, primarily based on its massive sternal plates, which can imply there have been muscle tissue for flying
    • Sort species is Pelecanimimus polyodon
    • Genus identify means “pelican mimic”
    • Species identify refers to its many enamel
    • Present in 1993 by Armando Díaz Romeral
    • Described in 1994 by Bernardino Pérez Pérez-Moreno and others
    • Holotype now on the Museo de Cuenca in Spain
    • Different animals in the identical time and place included enantiornithines, theropods, sauropods, lizards, salamanders, early mammals, pterosaurs, and crocodylomorphs

    Enjoyable Truth:
    We’ve talked about cursorial animals earlier than, however there are additionally graviportal & lesser-used mediportal animals.


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