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Episode 273: The “Reaper of loss of life” Thanatotheristes


    Episode 273 is all about Ekrixinatosaurus, the “explosion born” abelisaurid from Argentina.

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    On this episode, we focus on:


    • A brand new tyrannosaurid, Thanatotheristes, was present in Canada supply
    • Utah could quickly have a Utahraptor State Park supply
    • 150,000 illustrations of the pure world have been posted free on the Biodiversity Heritage Library supply
    • The animatronic Bisti Beast wants a brand new nickname and you’ll vote to your favourite supply
    • The UK Royal Mint has launched 3 new cash commemorating Dinosauria, together with Megalosaurus, Iguanodon, and Hylaeosaurus supply


    Our latest journey to the Tucson Gem Present

    The dinosaur of the day: Ekrixinatosaurus

    • Abelisaurid theropod that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Argentina (Candeleros Formation)
    • Estimated to be about 23-26 ft (7-8 m) lengthy (most likely somewhat smaller than Carnotaurus)
    • Strong
    • Had proportionally quick hindlimbs
    • May maintain a lot of accidents from preventing
    • Had a big head and cranium
    • Cranium was boxy and quick and deep
    • Had a comparatively excessive cranium, just like Skorpiovenator
    • Jaw curved upwards
    • Had small holes and spikes within the facial bones, particularly the nasal bones
    • In all probability had a wrinkled, probably keratinous pores and skin that lined the bones
    • Had some quick enamel
    • Just one species: Ekrixinatosaurus novasi
    • Genus title means “explosion born reptile”
    • Fossils discovered attributable to a gasoline pipeline being constructed
    • Named as a result of the fossil “was found after its rocky tomb was dynamited”
    • Species title in honor of Dr. Fernando Novas, for his contributions to learning abelisaurids
    • Described in 2004 by Jorge Calvo, David Rubilar-Rogers, and Karen Moreno
    • Holotype contains dentaries, left and partial proper maxillae, enamel, vertebrae, ribs, ilia, elements of the femur and tibia, and extra
    • Helped fill in gaps about abelisaur anatomy
    • Lived amongst carcharodontosaurids, which have been larger, however not clear if that they had totally different ecological niches (looking versus scavenging)
    • Different dinosaurs that lived in the identical time and place included the titanosaur Andesaurus, different sauropods like Limaysaurus and Nopcsaspondylus, iguanodonts, the carcharodontosaurid Giganotosaurus, the dromaeosaurid Buitreraptor, alvarezsauri Alnashetri, the coelurosaur Bicentenaria
    • Different animals included snakes, crocodiles, fish, turtle, frogs, mammals, pterosaurs

    Enjoyable Reality:
    Over 30 nations have made (non-avian) dinosaur cash, however not the USA.


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