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Episode 275: Dinosaurs sharing nests


    Episode 275 is all about Dicraeosaurus, the primary found sauropod with paired spines operating down its neck.

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    On this episode, we talk about:


    • A pair of noasaurid bones from Australia increase the recognized vary to almost all of Gondwana supply
    • The primary case of LCH (Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis) was present in a dinosaur supply
    • The Utahraptor Undertaking has moved their huge sandstone block to a brand new location supply
    • A brand new article ranks the US states so as of most dinosaur fossils discoveries supply
    • The Illinois Burpee Museum of Pure Historical past’s PaleoFest is arising on March 6–8 supply
    • Cell, Alabama celebrated Mardi Gras with a parade that included a Velociraptor puppeteer supply
    • Big Display screen Movies not too long ago launched the movie Dinosaurs of Antarctica supply
    • LucasFilm is launching Star Wars; The Excessive Republic, and will embrace dinosaurs supply
    • Jurassic World 3 is now formally Jurassic World: Dominion supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Dicraeosaurus

    • Diplodocoid sauropod that lived within the Late Jurassic in what’s now Tanzania (Tendaguru Hill)
    • About 39 ft (12 m) lengthy
    • Small for a sauropod
    • Estimated to weigh 8800-11000 lb (4000-5000 kg); round similar weight as an elephant
    • Didn’t have a whiplash tail
    • Didn’t have has a lot pneumaticity within the vertebrae as different sauropods, corresponding to Brachiosaurus
    • Changed enamel shortly, round each 20 days for the prexmaillary and rostral maxillary enamel and 50 days for the rostral dentary enamel
    • Had a big head, and a comparatively quick, large neck
    • Neck had 12 quick vertebrae
    • Most likely a low browser (might eat meals on the bottom and leaves as much as about 10 ft or 3 m off the bottom)
    • Had a double row of neural spines on its again
    • Spines on the vertebrae had been “Y” formed, like a fork (which led to its title)
    • Spines additionally had muscle attachment factors
    • Sort species is Dicraeosaurus hansemanni
    • Genus title means “bifurcated” or “double-headed” or “two forked lizard”
    • Described in 1914 by Werner Janensch
    • Second species is Dicraeosaurus sattleri
    • Not a lot data on the totally different species, however seems like there have been each named in 1914, and will have been present in a 1909 excavation
    • Different dinosaurs that lived across the similar time and place embrace Giraffatitan and Kentrosaurus (ate vegetation at totally different heights, so they may all stay collectively)

    Enjoyable Truth:
    Dinosaurs (a minimum of Oviraptorids) eggs hatched sporadically like some trendy birds, not suddenly like trendy crocodiles.

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