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Episode 277: Dinosaur Island and an island dinosaur


    Episode 277 is all about Telmatosaurus, a small island dwelling hadrosaur from what’s now Romania.

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    On this episode, we focus on:

    On this week’s episode:

    • We assessment the 2014 film Dinosaur Island supply
    • The webcomic Darbi “The misadventures of a blood-thirsty child T-Rex.” is free on-line—parental advisory applies. supply
    • A cretaceous rib fossil could also be from the second largest dinosaur that lived in what’s now Japan supply
    • Spinosaurus: Misplaced Big of the Cretaceous and Giants: African Dinosaurs could also be coming to a museum close to you quickly supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Telmatosaurus

    • Hadrosaurid that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Romania
    • Fairly small (insular dwarf), about 16 ft (5 m) lengthy and weighed about half a tonne
    • Herbivorous
    • Maxillary enamel are excessive and slender
    • Telmatosaurus lived on an island, one of many islands of the European Archipelago
    • Hateg Island dinosaurs had been insular dwarfs (smaller than different dinosaurs as a result of they didn’t have to eat as a lot, and will stay with restricted sources on the island)
    • Helped that there weren’t actually any massive theropods on the island (predators included Balaur, about 6.5 ft or 2 m lengthy)
    • Lived amongst mammals, pterosaurs, amphibians, crocodilians, fish
    • Nopsca got here up with the thought of island dwarfism
    • Finest recognized European hadrosaurid
    • Genus title means “marsh lizard”
    • First dinosaur named by Franz Nopcsa
    • Native peasants introduced his sister, Ilona Nopcsa a dinosaur cranium in 1895. They discovered it in Transylvania, close to the Nopsca household Sâcel property
    • Holotype is a cranium with decrease jaws, discovered within the Hateg Basin, about 68 million years outdated
    • Due to the cranium, Franz Nopcsa studied paleontology on the College of Vienna
    • Franz named the cranium Limnosaurus transsylvanicus in 1899 (title means “swamp lizard” and refers to the concept hadrosaurs lived in swamps)
    • Later, Franz discovered that Othniel Charles Marsh had named a crocodyliform Limnosaurus in 1872 (which was later reclassified as Pristichampsus), and in 1903 Franz renamed his dinosaur to Telmatosaurus
    • Barnum Brown didn’t know concerning the new title, and named the genus Hecatasaurus in 1910 (junior goal synonym)
    • Franz referred Telmatosaurus transsylvanicus to Orthomerus in 1915 (Orthomerus transsylvanicus), as a 3rd Orthomerus species (genus title means “straight femur”); this was based mostly on similarities within the femora
    • Orthomerus is taken into account to be a nomen dubium as of 2019 (no distinctive traits based mostly on the lectotype, a proper thigh bone). Telmatosaurus was thought of its personal genus earlier (Nineteen Eighties and Nineties, David Weishampel and others within the 1990 guide The Dinosauria)
    • If Telmatosaurus and Orthomerus had been the identical, Telmatosaurus can be a junior synonym (named later). Geologist Eric Mulder forgot this rule and renamed Orthomerus dolloi as Telmatosaurus dolloi in 1984
    • Skeletal components have been discovered scattered and remoted, in addition to the holotype cranium and decrease jaws, and 4 articulated cervical vertebrae and three sacral vertebrae with two sacral ribs
    • Hatchlings and embryos discovered with clutches of megaloolithid eggs within the Hateg Basin
    • Telmatosaurus eggs could have been present in Livezi and Boi?a in Romania, within the Tara Hategului space (thought of to be probably Telmatosaurus by researchers from the College of Bucharest)
    • In 2016, Mihai D. Dumbrava and others revealed a few non-cancerous tumor, amelblastoma, on the decrease jaw of a juvenile Telmatosaurus (first discovery of a benign tumor in a dinosaur, earlier than that, had solely been recognized in trendy mammals and reptiles)
    • The group used Micro-CT scanning on the jawbone
    • The tumor on Telmatosaurus reveals the hadrosauroids had been extra susceptible to tumors than different dinosaurs (Telmatosaurus is probably the most basal hadrosaurid and was remoted from sister taxon/different hadrosaurids for at the least 15 million years, in all probability as a result of it lived on an island, and the tumor is early within the household’s evolution)
    • Doable that the tumor led to the dinosaur’s early dying (could not have been painful, however based mostly on trendy animals, predators usually go after the weak or injured). Onerous to say although, since solely the 2 decrease jaws had been discovered
    • Telmatosaurus fossils now on the Pure Historical past Museum in London

    Enjoyable Truth:
    Alberta has practically 10 instances as many dinosaur finds than all the opposite provinces and territories mixed. In accordance with

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