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Episode 287: A brand new polar ceratosaur from Australia


    Episode 287 is all about Callovosaurus, a Dryosaurid which is featured in some editions of Jurassic Park (the primary e-book).

    We additionally interview Dr. Steve Poropat from Swinburne College & Analysis affiliate at Australian Age of Dinosaurs and Adele Pentland PhD candidate at Swinburne College & Analysis affiliate at Australian Age of Dinosaurs.

    Right here’s an inventive rendering of the brand new elaphrosaur in motion. Can you notice Nessy within the picture under? (Trace: It’s not within the water, zooming required)

    Credit score: Ruairidh Duncan 2020

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    On this episode, we focus on:


    • A fetal Lufengosaurus reveals us the place Diplodocus in all probability bought its enamel supply
    • The Montana Supreme Court docket has confirmed that the Dueling Dinosaurs are usually not included in generic “mineral rights” supply
    • The Jurassic Coast has new guidelines for fossil collectors supply
    • Mary Anning’s biopic, “Ammonite” starring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan has been delayed supply
    • Dinosaur Uncover Website at Johnson Farm reopened lately however with restricted hours supply
    • A world scholar allegedly broke unto the Australian Museum in Sydney and took selfies subsequent to the dinosaur displays supply
    • The Crystal Palace Megalosaurus has been broken, you’ll be able to donate to assist pay for repairs supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Callovosaurus

    • Iguanodontian that lived within the Center Jurassic in what’s now England (Oxford Clay Formation)
    • Identified from a virtually full left thigh bone (0.92 ft or 28 cm lengthy)
    • Partial tibia (shin bone) discovered close to by could also be Callovosaurus
    • Estimated to be 8.2 ft (2.5 m) lengthy
    • Herbivorous
    • Sort species is Callovosaurus leedsi
    • Genus title means “Callovian lizard”
    • Callovian is an age and stage within the Center Jurassic, fossil present in center Callovian
    • Described in 1889 by Richard Lydekker, initially named Camptosaurus leedsi
    • Species title in honor of the collector Alfred Nicholson Leeds
    • In 1980, Peter Galton analyzed the fossil and named it as a brand new genus, Callovosaurus
    • Some scientists thought it was a doubtful iguanodontian
    • Femur was present in a brick pit close to Fletton
    • Femur was initially full, and now’s in three items that match collectively
    • Solid of the femur made in 1888
    • In 1909, Gilmore stated that Camptosaurus leedsi was much like Camptosaurus however “if referable in any respect to an American genus, its closest affinities, as indicated by the femur, are with Dryosaurus”
    • In 2006, Jose Ignacio Ruiz-Omeñaca and others discovered it to be a legitimate genus, and the oldest identified dryosaurid
    • Initially categorized as Camptosauridae, now Dryosauridae
    • Femur is much like Dryosaurus and Valdosaurus
    • Closest relative is Dryosaurus
    • Different animals that lived across the identical time and place included ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs, crocodyliforms, pterosaurs, the sauropod Cetiosaurus, the stegosaurs Loricatosaurus and Lexovisaurus and the ankylosaur Sarcolestes
    • Replaces Microceratus in some editions of the primary novel, Jurassic Park
    • One of many dinosaur toys in Jurassic World Assault Pack

    Enjoyable Truth:
    Birds have skulls with many options of their child Mesozoic dinosaur counterparts (chicken skulls are paedomorphic).


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