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Episode 289: Allosaurus was a cannibal


    Episode 289 is all about Labocania, a potential tyrannosaurid from Baja California, Mexico.

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    On this episode, we talk about:


    • We joined #strikeforblacklives and #shutdownSTEM on June tenth to attract consideration to how science has been used towards Black individuals supply
    • Allosaurus was most likely a cannibal supply
    • T. rex seemingly had lengthy legs to stroll effectively not run shortly supply
    • In Queensland, Australia, a brand new set of three metallic Austrolovenator dinosaur sculptures have been accomplished supply
    • An Apatosaurus constructing in Spring Hill, Florida, was nominated to be listed within the Nationwide Register of Historic Locations supply
    • In Drumheller, the World’s Largest Dinosaur might be getting repaired and painted supply
    • Nurseries within the UK are utilizing their dinosaur “Wellasaurus” to handle social distancing supply
    • Jurassic Quest has changed into a drive by expertise supply
    • The Royal Mint launched the Hylaeosaurus coin, the final of the Dinosauria supply
    • SpaceX Astronauts introduced the stuffed toy dinosaur Tremor to the ISS supply
    • The toothbrushing podcast Chompers is doing a dinosaur theme this week supply
    • Discovery can have a brand new sequence beginning Friday, June 19 (9 pm ET), known as Dino Hunters supply
    • PBS has a brand new sequence, which is able to air on June 17, June 24, and July 1, known as Prehistoric Street journey supply
    • Jurassic Park Terror has a put up known as Each Jurassic Park Dinosaur Illustrated With Fashionable Science supply
    • The following few Friday nights, Dustin Growick, is internet hosting dinosaur events for adults supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Labocania

    • Theropod that lived within the Late Cretaceous (Campanian) in what’s now Baja California, Mexico (La Bocana Roja Formation)
    • Carnivorous
    • Most likely medium sized, about 20 ft (6 m) lengthy
    • Gregory Paul estimated in 2010 it was 23 ft (7 m) lengthy and weighed 1.5 tonnes
    • Molina-Pérez and Larramendi estimated in 2016 it was 27 ft (8.2 m) lengthy and weighed 2.6 tonnes
    • Had a strong head
    • Tooth within the jawbone have been flat and step by step recurved
    • Sort species is Labocania anomala
    • Genus identify refers back to the La Bocana Roja Formation (the pink estuary)
    • Species identify means anomalous in Latin, and refers to its distinctive construct
    • Present in 1970 throughout a joint Nationwide Geographic Society and Los Angeles County Museum of Pure Historical past expedition, led by William Morris
    • Harley James Garbani, a volunteer on the expedition, discovered the fossils
    • Excavated in 1970 and 1971
    • Described and named in 1974 by Ralph Molnar
    • Holotype is fragmentary, and contains components of the cranium, tooth, a part of the pubis, components of the foot, chevron
    • Fossils have been disarticulated and combined with ribs from a Hadrosauroidea dinosaur
    • Presumably a tyrannosaurid, however onerous to inform from the fragments (Molnar assigned it as theropoda incertae, and Thomas Holtz Jr. thought-about it a potential tyrannosauroid)

    Enjoyable Truth:
    Plenty of animals observe cannibalism, together with dinosaurs & herbivores.