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Episode 332: The dinosaur with the longest identify


    Episode 332 is all about Micropachycephalosaurus, a small ceratopsian that was initially regarded as a relative of the dome-headed Pachycephalosaurus.

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    On this episode, we talk about:


    • A brand new saurolophine hadrosaur named Ornatops was described from New Mexico supply
    • shared some recommendations on how you can hunt for fossils responsibly supply
    • The Virginia Museum of Pure Historical past and the College of Lynchburg are planning a dinosaur dig with (paying) volunteers supply
    • The Museum of Earth in Ithaca, New York has a brand new exhibit, Daring to Dig: Ladies in American Paleontology supply
    • A brand new brief movie known as Sea Dragon chronicles Mary Anning’s first ichthyosaur discovery supply
    • Stone Zoo in Massachusetts has an animatronic dinosaur exhibit till September 2021 supply
    • A recycled metallic dinosaur named T-Bone is on show in Georgian lady’s entrance yard supply
    • The Canadian Encyclopedia consists of a number of particulars about dinosaur bonebeds, museums, and paleontologists supply
    • Fortnite now has raptors roaming the map supply
    • An anime collection known as Dinosaur Biyori, about three dinosaurs who stay in an condo collectively, is popping out this April supply
    • There may quickly be a brand new world document for the biggest gathering of individuals in dinosaur costumes supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Micropachycephalosaurus

    • Ceratopsian that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Shandong Province, China (present in Laiyang, Wang Formation)
    • Appears to be like sort of like Psittacosaurus, small and bipedal and herbivorous and depicted in some artwork as having quills on the again or tail
    • Fairly small, most likely needed to keep away from predators (run away)
    • Estimated to be 19.6 in to 23.6 in (50-60 cm) lengthy
    • Sort and solely species is Micropachycephalosaurus hongtuyanensis
    • Longest dinosaur identify? (23 letters) Plenty of locations say it, however these articles are just a few years outdated so arduous to substantiate it nonetheless is
    • Genus identify means “tiny thick headed lizard”
    • Initially regarded as a pachycephalosaur (those with dome-heads), therefore the identify
    • Fossil present in 1972 throughout the examine of a stratigraphic part in a cliff, close to Laiyang prepare station
    • Named in 1978 by Zhiming Dong
    • Holotype included an incomplete cranium, caudal vertebrae, a part of the sacral girdle, and hind limb
    • Fragment of left ilium (higher hip bone) additionally preserved
    • Initially described as “parietal-squamosal crest is thickly inflated however comparatively flat and undomed”
    • No conspicuous cranium ornamentation
    • So prime of head regarded inflated however was fairly flat
    • Described the jaw (mandible) as comparatively excessive
    • On the time Micropachycephalosaurus was named, there have been two varieties of pachycephalosaur skulls: dome-headed and flat-headed, and in the identical paper Dong named Micropachycephalosaurus he additionally stated that the variations in skulls weren’t because of sexual dimorphism (as beforehand thought) however as phylogenetic characters
    • Paul Sereno in 2000 thought-about Micropachycephalosaurus to be a nomen dubium
    • In 2006 Sullivan and others did a taxonomic overview of pachycephalosaurs and didn’t assume Micropachycephalosaurus was a pachycephalosaur
    • In 2009, Richard Butler and Qi Zhao stated Micropachycephalosaurus was legitimate, although it was fragmentary, due to outstanding grooves on the floor of its vertebra
    • Mentioned Micropachycephalosaurus was an indeterminate Cerapoda, after not discovering something that hyperlink it with different pachycephalosaurs (thickened cranium roof was lacking, so that they couldn’t affirm it existed)
    • Mentioned they might not help or refute the unique pachycephalosaur classification
    • Then in 2011, Butler and others did a cladistic evaluation and located Micropachycephalosaurus to be a basal ceratopsian

    Enjoyable Truth: There are at the least 5 methods to de-extinct a species, however just one is more likely to lead to one thing resembling a non-avian dinosaur.


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