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Episode 339: A big theropod that lived longer than Sue the T. rex


    Episode 339 is all about Kryptops, an abelisaurid which can have had a keratin overlaying on its snout that might be helpful for scavenging.

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    On this episode, we talk about:


    • A basal hadrosaurid, Yamatosaurus izanagii, was named from Awaji island in Japan supply
    • Dippy goes to Norwich Cathedral from July 13 to Oct 30 and is free to see supply
    • You’ll be able to go to over 1,300 dinosaur tracks in southeast Colorado should you’re up for a troublesome 11 mile hike supply
    • A brand new Dinosaur theme park could also be coming to Upstate New York supply
    • Might 18 was (an) Worldwide Dinosaur Day with a number of museums holding particular occasions supply
    • Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous was launched, we’ll be watching it for our subsequent few watch events supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Kryptops

    • Abelisaurid that lived within the Early Cretaceous in what’s now Niger (Elrhaz Formation)
    • Appears to be like like different abelisaurids, bipedal, giant head, quick arms
    • Estimated to be 19 to 23 ft (6 to 7 m) lengthy
    • Had tall vertebral spines
    • Carnivorous
    • Had a brief snout
    • Jaws coated in armor
    • Floor of the maxilla was closely textured (rugose)
    • Had pits and impressions of blood vessels on the maxilla, which exhibits there was some form of overlaying hooked up to the face, perhaps keratin (therefore the genus title)
    • Had small enamel
    • Maxilla estimated to be about 10 in (25 cm) lengthy
    • Had about 17 or 18 maxillary enamel
    • In all probability a scavenger
    • Steve Brusatte mentioned in Science Day by day: “A quick, two-legged hyena gnawing and pulling aside a carcass is how we’d finest think about Kryptops’ eating habits”
    • In a Reuters article, Paul Sereno mentioned: “The thought was that the animal was sticking its head into carcasses”
    • Sereno additionally mentioned: “We predict the face was coated with a bill-like materials. It will have regarded just about just like the invoice of a chook”
    • Sort species is Kryptops palaios
    • Just one specimen discovered
    • Described in 2008 by Paul Sereno and Stephen Brusatte
    • Genus title means “coated face” in Greek
    • Species title “palaios” means “previous” in Greek
    • Fossils present in 2000 on an expedition led by Paul Sereno
    • Partial skeleton discovered within the western Ténéré Desert
    • Holotype is an grownup and features a maxilla, vertebrae, ribs, pelvic girdle and sacrum
    • Oldest abelisaurid present in Africa, and the oldest indeniable abelisaurid on the earth
    • Sereno and Brusatte thought of Kryptops to be a basal abelisaurid
    • In 2021, Matthew Carrano and others discovered it to be a chimera, and recommended that the postcranial fossils (notably the pelvis and sacrum, which have been discovered articulated) have been discovered 15 m away from the maxilla, and that these postcranial fossils truly belonged to a carcharodontosaurid, corresponding to Eocarcharia, which was discovered close by in the identical formation and named in the identical 2008 paper)
    • Kryptops, with Eocarcharia, assist present an earlier stage of abelisaurids and carcharodontosaurids in Gondwana
    • The spinosaurid Suchomimus, the sauropod Nigersaurus, the ornithopods Ouranosaurus and Lurdusaurus, and the crocodilian Sarcosuchus additionally lived across the similar time and place (numerous giant predators)

    Enjoyable Truth:
    T. rex is usually thought of the biggest, strongest, and longest lived theropod. Nevertheless it simply misplaced the lifespan file to a carcharodontosaurid from Argentina.


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