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Episode 344: Spinosaurus replace with Nizar Ibrahim


    Episode 344 is all about Iguanacolossus, The “mighty iguana colossus” which most likely wasn’t any greater than Iguanodon.

    We additionally interview Nizar Ibrahim, a paleontologist, anatomist, Senior Lecturer on the College of Portsmouth, Assistant Professor of Biology on the College of Detroit Mercy, Nationwide Geographic explorer, and well-known for his work on Spinosaurus

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    On this episode, we talk about:


    • Child dinosaur enamel from 8 teams had been discovered close to the North Pole, exhibiting these teams possible didn’t migrate supply
    • The Boltysh impactor hit no less than half one million years after Chicxulub so it didn’t play a task within the mass extinction supply
    • New particulars concerning the youngest dinosaur footprints discovered within the UK supply
    • Tyrannosaurus: Meet the Household is on exhibit in Richmond on the Science Museum of Virginia supply
    • The L. Alan Cruikshank River of Time Museum in Arizona has a close to life-sized drawing of Sonorasaurus on its wall supply
    • The Lyme Regis Fossil Pageant is going on on-line on July 10 and 11 supply
    • Listener Dino Bo was not too long ago featured for his Protohadros hips which shall be revealed on July 31 in Denton, Texas supply
    • Cardiff’s Bute Park within the UK can have animatronic dinosaurs from August 21 to September 5 supply
    • A gaggle of youngsters began a neighborhood “dino membership” in Riverdale, Utah supply
    • A psychedelic One other dinosaur music video by TORRES known as Hug From a Dinosaur was not too long ago posted on YouTube supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Iguanacolossus

    • Iguanodontian ornithopod that lived within the Early Cretaceous in what’s now Utah (Yellow Cat Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation)
    • Appears like Iguanodon, bipedal, with the hoof-like fingers and ponderous physique
    • About the identical measurement as Iguanodon
    • Herbivorous
    • Estimated to be 29.5 ft (9 m) lengthy
    • Estimated to weigh between one and 4 tons
    • Present in 2005 by Donald DeBlieux, close to Inexperienced River
    • Groups led by the Utah Geological Survey excavated
    • Described and named in 2010 by Andrew McDonald and others (in the identical paper as Hippodraco, which we coated in episode 322)
    • Kind species is Iguanacolossus fortis
    • Full title means “mighty iguana colossus”
    • Refers back to the iguana-like enamel of iguanodontians, and its massive measurement
    • Described as a “considerably ponderous beast with strong limbs”
    • Holotype is UMNH VP 2025, a big partial skeleton that features components of the tail, a lot of the spine, some ribs, hips and shoulder (no legs, probably legs had been dragged off by a predator). Additionally consists of components of the cranium, together with a part of the proper jaw and two free enamel. Tooth in comparison with Camptosaurus and Dakotadon, and one tooth (the broader one with a shield-shaped crown) considered a dentary, and the opposite, “the extra lozenge-shaped crown” considered a maxillary tooth
    • Distinguished by having a contact floor from the supraoccipital to the squamosal (cranium components) that’s “sinuous in caudal view”
    • In comparison with relations that lived across the identical time however in numerous areas, appears to be extra basal. Europe and North America had been joined on the time, however Iguanacolossus was extra primitive, so the iguanodonts from America and Europe most likely didn’t work together with one another. Jim Kirkland mentioned in a Salt Lake Tribune article, “It suggests the Appalachia [mountains] had been extra just like the Himalaya again then. It should have been a extra formidable barrier than beforehand thought”
    • In all probability a couple of million years older than Hippodraco
    • One of many earliest identified Cretaceous dinosaurs present in North America
    • Each Iguanacolossus and Hippodraco assist present variety of iguanodonts in North America
    • Different dinosaurs that lived across the identical time and place included the sauropod Mierasaurus, theropods Falcarius, Geminiraptor, and Yurgovuchia

    Enjoyable Truth:
    We now have a brand new definition for a “senile” dinosaur.


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