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Episode 349: Which dinosaur would you trip?


    Episode 349 is all about Pegomastax, a small bristly heterodontosaurid from the Early Jurassic of South Africa.

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    On this episode, we talk about:


    • A redescription of the sauropod Patagosaurus confirmed its place as a non-neosauropod eusauropod supply
    • Jurassic Forest in Gibbons, Alberta, Canada has six new dinosaur sculptures supply
    • Wally, the fiberglass Stegosaurus in Pittsfield, Massachusetts simply returned to the Berkshire Museum after getting restored supply
    • The dinosaur footprint discovered by a 4-year-old within the Vale of Glamorgan in Wales is now on show on the Nationwide Museum Cardiff supply
    • A ten-year-old in South Dakota helped discover what stands out as the most full identified Triceratops specimen supply
    • A Gryposaurus ilium was present in Montana as a part of a Chapman College and Oklahoma State College dig led by Jack Horner supply
    • Screenrant has an inventory of the confirmed and rumored dinosaurs showing in Jurassic World: Dominion supply
    • Sinavore, a brand new dinosaur comedian, simply launched on Kickstarter supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Pegomastax

    • Heterodontosaurid that lived within the Early Jurassic in what’s now South Africa (Elliot Formation)
    • Two-legged, small fuzzy (bristle-y) dinosaur with a beak and fangs
    • Estimated to be about 24 in (60 cm) lengthy
    • Cranium size round 2.7 to three in (70 to 80 mm) lengthy
    • Plenty of articles stated it weighed not more than a home cat
    • Had a sturdy decrease jaw and a brief parrot-shaped beak
    • Additionally had a big, canine-like tooth (fangs) within the entrance of the jaws, higher and decrease (could have been for protection or intraspecies fight or show or to assist dig up crops)
    • Has been known as a “Dracula dinosaur” due to its fangs
    • In all probability herbivorous, although some scientists suppose heterodontosaurids ate bugs and small lizards
    • Fossils present in an expedition in 1966 and 1967
    • Described in 2012 by Paul Sereno, who had observed it was distinctive in 1983
    • Sereno stated he was embarrassed how lengthy it took him to review the fossil
    • Sereno named Pegomastax in a paper about heterodontosaurids
    • Stated that intensive tooth put on suggests heterodontosaurids have been both principally or absolutely herbivorous
    • Additionally the best way the tooth meet when biting exhibits it sheared, which was a classy method on the time for processing plant materials
    • Sereno stated that tooth put on in heterodontosaur cheek tooth are normally very properly developed
    • Stated Pegomastax had an almost steady put on floor within the bigger cheek tooth
    • Fangs might shear crops
    • Parrot-like cranium could have helped pluck fruit
    • In all probability had 11 dentary tooth
    • Changed tooth usually
    • Sort species is Pegomastax africana
    • Genus title means “robust jaw” in Greek
    • Initially named Pegomastax africanus, however the phrase africanus is masculine and the phrase mastax is female, so to be grammatically right, it was modified to Pegomastax africana
    • Species title means “pertaining to Africa”
    • Holotype is a partial cranium, each dentaries and a predentary (toothless beak-like bone)
    • Present in a small block of sandstone matrix
    • Sereno first noticed the fossils at Harvard, however ultimately they have been returned to the South African Museum in Cape City
    • Physique in all probability lined in bristles, so perhaps appeared porcupine-ish
    • Bristles discovered everywhere in the physique of Tianyulong, a heterodontosaur across the identical dimension that was present in China (preserved by volcanic ash)
    • Seems in Ark: Survival Advanced

    Enjoyable Reality:
    We are able to’t inform for positive which dinosaurs could be the very best for driving, however there are just a few clues from birds and different animals.


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