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Episode 359: The “butterfly hunter” troodontid


    Episode 359 is all about Colepiocephale, the “knucklehead” pachycephalosaurid from the Late Cretaceous of Canada.

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    On this episode, we talk about:


    • A brand new “short-snouted” troodontid, Papiliovenator, was named from Inside Mongolia supply
    • The Fernbank Museum has the Antarctic Dinosaurs touring exhibit till January 2 supply
    • Sabrina critiques the brand new Flintstones spinoff named Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Colepiocephale

    • Pachycephalosaurid that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Alberta, Canada (Foremost Formation) and Montana, US (Judith River Formation)
    • Herbivorous
    • Could have been prey for Thanatotheristes degrootorum (“Reaper of Demise”), talked about in episode 273
    • Sort species is Colepiocephale lambei
    • Genus identify means “knucklehead”
    • Holotype contains a part of the dome of the cranium
    • Initially described by Sternberg in 1945 as Stegoceras lambei
    • Renamed by Robert Sullivan in 2003 to Colepiocephale
    • Sullivan did a phylogenetic evaluation with 49 characters of a number of pachycephalosaurs, and located Colepiocephale to be a brand new genus
    • Distinctive sufficient within the posterior squamosal area (bumps in the back of the top)
    • On the time, Colepiocephale was the oldest diagnostic pachycephalosaur from North America. There was an older cranium from the Milk River Formation nevertheless it was too incomplete and indeterminate to call the kind of pachycephalosaur
    • In 2009 Ryan Schott and others analyzed Colepiocephale, together with the holotype and a referred a part of a dome discovered within the Judith River Formation of Montana
    • Reaffirmed Colepiocephale was its personal genus primarily based on a number of autapomorphies and being in a special stratigraphy from Stegoceras validum (lived at a special time)
    • There have been three earlier hypotheses that 1) it was synonymous with Stegoceras validum, 2) it was its personal species inside Stegoceras, or 3) it was extra derived than Stegoceras

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