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Episode 365: The world’s longest dinosaur


    Episode 365 is all about Demandasaurus, A European sauropod that was a detailed relative of Nigersaurus.

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    On this episode, we focus on:


    • We focus on the Non-Avian Theropod, Dinosaur Systematics, Permo-Triassic Ecosystems, & Preparators periods from the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology annual assembly supply
    • Sauropods extraordinarily speedy tooth alternative charges could have given them a bonus to consuming sure crops supply
    • In Huesca, Spain, 30 titanosaur eggs have been present in a two-ton rock supply
    • In Davinópolis, Brazil, paleontologists have discovered a “dinosaur cemetery” supply
    • In Colorado, US, flooding earlier this yr on the Comanche Nationwide Grassland lined dinosaur tracks in six inches of mud supply
    • A current letter written by 4 scientists means that returning Ubirajara is a “ethical and authorized crucial” supply
    • When the Yale Peabody Museum reopens in early 2024, will probably be free without end to guests supply
    • The streaming service Peacock is making a documentary on the rise and fall of Barney the dinosaur supply
    • Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous season 4 comes out Dec 3, and there’s a brand new trailer out supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Demandasaurus

    • Rebbachisaurid sauropod that lived within the Early Cretaceous in what’s now Burgos, Spain (Castrillo de la Reina Formation)
    • Rebbachisaurids are a part of the household Diplodocidae however thought of to be extra basal than Diplodocus
    • Appears to be like like different sauropods, with a big physique, columnar legs, lengthy tail, and lengthy, thick neck
    • Had easy neural spines
    • Medium-sized
    • Estimated to be 33 to 39 ft (10 to 12 m) lengthy
    • Herbivorous
    • Had pencil-type, elongated, slender enamel that have been largely straight with a slight curve
    • Named by Fidel Torcida Fernández-Baldor and others in 2011
    • Kind and solely species is Demandasaurus darwini
    • Genus title means “Demanda lizard”
    • Genus title refers back to the Sierra de la Demanda, the mountain chain the place the sort specimen was discovered
    • Species title is in honor of Charles Darwin
    • Discovered an incomplete however affiliate skeleton (cranial and post-cranial fossils)
    • Fossils discovered within the “Tenadas de los Vallejos II” quarry, close to the city of Salas de los Infantes
    • Quarry present in 1999 throughout prospection work
    • Fossils excavated in 2002 to 2004, and located about 810 skeletal parts, most of them from a single rebbachisaurid particular person
    • Fossils have been disarticulated and shut to one another
    • Additionally discovered fossils from a small ornithopod, two spinosaurids, and a crocodile tooth
    • Holotype of Demandasaurus contains premaxillae, left dentary, six enamel, vertebrae, ribs, ischia, left femur
    • Has 9 autapomorphies within the enamel and vertebrae (contains tooth ornamentation, pneumatic cavities)
    • Sister group of Nigersaurus
    • Premaxillae is taller than it’s huge (subrectangular), which has similarities to Nigersaurus
    • Demandasaurus helps present that dinosaurs generally within the Early Cretaceous moved between Laurasia and Gondwana
    • Rebbachisaurids have been discovered on each continents, which can imply there was a land connection on the finish of the Early Cretaceous
    • First based mostly on the outline of the rebbachisaurid Histriasaurus in 1999, discovered on the Istrian peninsula (shared by Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy)
    • McKenna in 1973 mentioned this was an instance of dispersal by “Noah’s Ark”
    • A part of Gondwana (north Africa) cut up off and collided with the south of Laurasia (Europe) and have become a part of Laurasia (on the Apulian Plate)
    • This migration by the Apulian Plate could have been the place to begin for the “Apulian Route” that occurred on the finish of the Cretaceous however could have additionally been used within the Early Cretaceous
    • Might not have been a land hall, however the islands on the route could have been shut sufficient that some animals might transfer between them (like Demandasaurus or a detailed ancestor of Demandasaurus)

    Enjoyable Truth:
    New Supersaurus materials reveals that it’s the longest identified dinosaur on this planet at roughly 39–42m (128–138ft) lengthy.


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