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Episode 370: Better of 2021


    Episode 370 is all about Asylosaurus, a Late Triassic sauropodomorph that lived in what’s now Clifton, Bristol, England.

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    On this episode, we talk about:


    • Proof of cannibalism in tyrannosaurids (333) supply
    • Hadrosaur lumps and splits (350) supply
    • Child dinosaurs residing on the poles (344) supply
    • Greatest nickname: “Stunning Nightmare” (363) supply
    • World’s largest Triceratops: Huge John (362) supply
    • Youngest footprint finder: Lily (349) supply
    • Chrome Dinosaur recreation with an Olympic twist (video) supply
    • India’s youngest paleontologist: Aswatha Biju (360) supply
    • Greatest Spinosaurids: Ceratosuchops and Riparovenator (358) supply
    • Longest time coming: Kholumolumo (320) supply
    • Honorable Point out — Longest time coming: Riabininohadros (321) supply
    • Greatest abelisaurid: Spectrovenator (322) supply
    • Greatest dromaeosaurid: Shri devi (328) supply
    • Honorable Point out — Greatest dromaeosaurid: Kansaignathus (347) supply
    • Greatest ceratopsian: Menefeeceratops (338) supply
    • Greatest hadrosaur: Tlatolophus (340) supply
    • Greatest sauropod: Australotitan (342) supply
    • Oldest titanosaur: Ninjatitan (335) supply
    • Greatest ankylosaur: Spicomellus (357) supply
    • Honorable Point out — Greatest ankylosaur: “resting posture” ankylosaur (330) supply
    • Greatest allosauroid: Ulughbegsaurus (355) supply
    • Jurassic World: Dominion information (323, 324, 341, 343, 345, 349, 354, 357, 358, 359, 360, 361, 366, 367) supply
    • Massachusetts state dinosaur (320, 324, 326, 356, 361) supply
    • Standing of Ubirajara (356, 358, 365) supply
    • Complete variety of T. rex people that lived (335) supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Asylosaurus

    • Basal sauropodomorph that lived within the Late Triassic in what’s now Clifton, Bristol, England
    • Walked on two legs and had an extended tail
    • Had brief neural spines
    • Estimated to be about 6.7 ft (2 m) lengthy and weigh 55 lb (25 kg)
    • Fossils present in 1834. Fossils embody a part of the torso, again vertebrae, ribs, gastralia, shoulder girdle, humeri, a part of the forearm, hand (extra bones referred to Asylosaurus embody bones from the neck, tail, pelvis, arm, and leg, and should belong to the holotype)
    • Described in 1836 by Henry Riley and Samuel Stutchbury, initially as Thecodontosaurus
    • An outline of the fossils in 1836 stated they have been obtained by Capt. Cautley, and “discovered partly mendacity on the slopes among the many ruins of fallen cliffs, and partly in situ within the sandstone”
    • OC Marsh introduced the fossils to Yale College between 1888 and 1890
    • Survived WWII (the holotype of Thecodontosaurus was destroyed in 1940 throughout the Bristol Blitz)
    • Described as Asylosaurus in 2007 by Peter Galton
    • Sort species is Asylosaurus yalensis
    • Genus title means “unhurt or sanctuary lizard”
    • Genus title refers back to the fossils not being destroyed in WWII
    • Species title refers to Yale
    • Galton discovered the fossils had three autapomorphies to be its personal genus (variations within the deltopectoral crest, humerus/manus, and ischia)
    • Additionally had some plesiomorphic (ancestral traits) like basal sauropodomorphs, just like the construction of the manus and humerus, and the form of the braincase
    • In 2020 Antonio Ballell and others redescribed Thecodontosaurus antiquus based mostly on new materials present in Tytherington, England
    • Mentioned “the questionable validity of Asylosaurus yalensis”
    • Mentioned the deltopectoral crest autapomorphy wasn’t legitimate as a result of most Thecodontosaurus and Pantydraco (previously Thecodontosaurus) specimens had incomplete crests, and the tip of the crest is inclined to being distorted from taphonomy. Subsequently, the autapomorphy in Asylosaurus may very well be due to the best way it was fossilized
    • Identical situation with the humerus, plus the best way the manus seems to be in Asylosaurus is much like different basal sauropodomorphs like Eoraptor and Sarahsaurus
    • Mentioned the third character was “based mostly on ischium fragments that have been tentatively referred to Asylosaurus, with none proof”
    • Concluded not one of the three characters have been sufficient for Asylosaurus to be a legitimate genus, and stated Asylosaurus yalensis was a “taxon of extremely questionable validity”
    • Additionally doubted the validity of Pantydraco
    • Different animals that dwell across the similar time and place embody theropods, phytosaurs, sharks, fish, crocodylomorphs, lizards

    Enjoyable Truth:
    There’s a Nanotyrannus equal of Tarbosaurus (330). Stegosaurus had alternating plates however different stegosaurs have been discovered with pairs of plates (334).


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