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Episode 375: Jane the T. rex and a brand new sauropod website with the Burpee Museum


    Episode 375 is all about Volkheimeria, a medium to small Early Jurassic sauropod that lived in what’s now Patagonia.

    We additionally interview Joshua Mathews and Anne Weerda, Joshua is a PhD candidate at Northern Illinois College, Director of Paleontology, and Vice President of Analysis & Operations on the Burpee Museum. Anne is the Government Director on the Burpee Museum.

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    On this episode, we focus on:


    • A revision of Parvicursor reveals that two different alvarezsaurids, Ceratonykus & Linhenykus, could also be synonyms supply
    • A brand new alvarezsaurid, Khulsanurus magnificus, was described from the Gobi Desert in Mongolia supply
    • In keeping with a brand new research, dinosaurs most likely had some colour on their faces supply
    • The World’s most full Triceratops is happening show on the Melbourne Museum supply
    • Cathedral Metropolis, California is getting 11 life-sized dinosaur sculptures alongside freeway 111 supply
    • Jurassic World: Dominion is doing crossovers with the Winter Olympics supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Volkheimeria

    • Eusauropod that lived within the Early Jurassic in what’s now Patagonia, Argentina (Cañadón Asfalto Formation)
    • Appears like different sauropods, with a protracted neck and tail, and a stocky physique, and walked on all fours
    • Had low, flat neural spines
    • Estimated to be 29.5 ft (9 m) lengthy
    • Weighed about the identical as a rhinoceros
    • Herbivorous
    • Sort and solely species is Volkheimeria chubutensis
    • Described in 1979 by José Bonaparte
    • Genus title means “of Volkheimer”
    • Named after Wolfgang Volkheimer, a geologist and paleontologist
    • Fossils discovered embrace a principally full pelvis and sacrum, caudal vertebrae, femur, and tibia
    • Discovered near Piatnitzkysaurus and Patagosaurus
    • Ilium (a part of the hip) was a lot shorter than that of Patagosaurus
    • A 2017 research by Ignacio Alejandro Cerda and others checked out progress charges in sauropods, and primarily based on histology, discovered Volkheimeria had fast, sustained progress charges
    • Had carefully spaced progress marks, which works with its comparatively small dimension
    • Different dinosaurs that lived across the identical time and place embrace the sauropod Patagosaurus, and the megalosauroids Condorraptor and Piatnitzkysaurus

    Enjoyable Reality:
    Opposite to the favored expression penguins aren’t on the North OR South Pole, however sometimes different dinosaurs attain them.


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