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Episode 400: Michael Benton and Hateg Island


    Episode 400: Michael Benton and Hateg Island. Michael Benton joins us to debate Hațeg Island, dwarf dinosaurs, new strategies in paleontology, and extra

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    Michael Benton, paleontologist and professor of vertebrate paleontology within the Faculty of Earth Sciences on the College of Bristol. He has written over 400 scientific papers and greater than 50 books, about a variety of matters, together with animals within the Triassic, extinction occasions, and the Hateg Basin. His most up-to-date books are The Dinosaurs Rediscovered and Dinosaurs: New Visions of a Misplaced World.



    The “dinosaur of the day”: Hațeg Island

    • Hațeg Island was a big island within the Late Cretaceous positioned within the Tethys Sea, between Laurasia and Gondwana. It’s recognized for its basal dwarf dinosaurs, in addition to one very giant apex predator (that’s not a dinosaur, however might be simply as terrifying).
    • Among the dinosaurs embody:
      • Balaur
      • Bradycneme
      • Elopteryx
      • Enantiornithes
      • Gargantuavis
      • Heptasteornis
      • Magyarosaurus
      • Paludititan
      • “Struthiosaurus” transilvanicus
      • Telmatosaurus
      • Zalmoxes
    • After all, we will’t discuss dwarf dinosaurs and Hațeg Island with out mentioning the Baron Franz Nopcsa, a rich man with many pursuits who pioneered numerous dinosaur evaluation and theories, and was one of many first folks to have a look at extra than simply the bones of the dinosaurs, just like the biology of dinosaurs.
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    Enjoyable Reality:

    An elephant species that migrated to a number of Mediterranean islands will be the inspiration for the Cyclops of the Odyssey.

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