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Episode 407: One other carnivore for Stromer’s Riddle


    Episode 407: One other carnivore for Stromer’s Riddle. A brand new abelisaurid from the Bahariya Oasis provides one more carnivorous group to the formation. Plus a brand new sauropod from Columbia and a ton of different dinosaur discoveries.

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    • New sauropod Perijasaurus lapaz was found in Colombia supply
    • A brand new abelisaurid from the Bahariya Oasis provides one more carnivorous group to the formation supply
    • A sauropod was present in a yard in Portugal supply
    • Thomas Carr and a crew discovered fossils of T. rex, Triceratops, and Edmontosaurus on a 4-week expedition within the Badlands of Montana supply
    • An almost full juvenile hadrosaur with pores and skin impressions was present in Dinosaur Provincial Park in Canada supply
    • The Royal Belgian Institute of Pure Sciences excavated three dinosaurs in Wyoming’s Morrison Formation supply
    • 100 million-year-old dinosaur footprints have been present in a restaurant in Sichuan province, China supply
    • 113 million yr outdated dinosaur tracks have been seen in Texas because of a extreme drought supply
    • In Could, Hector the Deinonychus was auctioned off for $12.4 million supply
    • In July, a Gorgosaurus skeleton was auctioned off for about $6 million supply
    • The College of New Mexico opened a Pure Historical past Science Heart supply
    • Portland, Oregon had a cartoon dinosaur artwork exhibit this summer time supply
    • Dinosaur Museum Altmühltal in Denkendorf, Germany had Little Al on show supply
    • The Royal Tyrrell Museum launched the exhibit “Views on the Artwork of Glen McIntosh” supply
    • Hong Kong Science Museum opened “The Hong Kong Jockey Membership Sequence: The Massive Eight — Dinosaur Revelation” exhibit supply
    • New public science challenge Cretaceous Creatures lets eighth graders do actual science with actual fossils supply



    The dinosaur of the day: Magnosaurus

    • Megalosaurid megalosauroid theropod that lived within the Center Jurassic in what’s now England (Inferior Oolite Group)
    • Regarded like different theropods, walked on two legs, had a protracted snout with sharp enamel, lengthy tail
    • Thought-about to be small bodied
    • Gregory Paul estimated to be about 13.1 ft (4 m) lengthy and weigh 386 lb (175 kg)
    • Benson estimated the hip to be simply over 3.3 ft (1 m) tall
    • Benson stated Magnosaurus was most likely comparable in physique mass to Piatnitzkysaurus (estimated to be round 990 lb or 450 kg) however that this couldn’t be confirmed as a result of the weight-bearing limb bones have been too poorly preserved
    • Solely fragments discovered
    • Previously, had been included with Megalosaurus
    • Friedrich von Huene in 1923 named Megalosaurus nethercombensis based mostly on a partial skeleton (partial decrease jaws, vertebrae, a part of the pubis and leg bones, from presumably a juvenile)
    • Damaged grownup enamel and rising enamel discovered within the decrease jaws
    • Huene named Megalosaurus lydekkeri based mostly on a tooth in 1926 (Richard Lydekker had described it in 1888)
    • Then in 1932 he renamed Megalosaurus nethercombensis to Magnosaurus nethercombensis, and referred Megalosaurus lydekkeri to it (as Magnosaurus lydekkeri)
    • He additionally named Magnosaurus woodwardi based mostly on a tibia, which he additionally by chance named Sarcosaurus andrewsi in the identical 1932 paper
    • In 1956 the identify Sarcosaurus andrewsi caught (Huene referred all materials to Sarcosaurus)
    • Magnosaurus woodwardi had a number of variations in how the bones appeared in comparison with Magnosaurus nethercombensis, and the 2 species lived a minimum of 20 million years aside
    • Sort and solely species is Magnosaurus nethercombensis
    • Megalosaurus lydekkeri now thought-about to be a nomen dubium (uncertain identify)
    • Genus identify means “massive lizard”
    • Till the Nineteen Nineties, thought to mainly be a Megalosaurus species (wastebasket taxon, the place a number of fossils attributed to Megalosaurus that have been later discovered to be various kinds of dinosaurs)
    • Some variations within the bones although, like within the tibiae (decrease leg bone)
    • In 2003 Oliver Rauhut prompt Magnosaurus and Eustreptospondylus to be the identical as a result of the decrease jaws have been comparable and he renamed Eustreptospondylus oxoniensis as Magnosaurus oxoniensis however not everybody agrees
    • In 2010 Roger Benson discovered Magnosaurus to be legitimate, based mostly on foramina (gap) within the decrease jaw (dentary)
    • Different dinosaurs that lived across the identical time and place embody Megalosaurus and Duriavenator (one other theropod thought for some time to be Megalosaurus)

    Enjoyable Reality:

    Many “herbivorous” species right this moment have been seen consuming different animals. Some lesser identified examples embody parrots, cows, and sheep.

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