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I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Patagonykus (Episode 247)


    Episode 247 is all about Patagonykus, The “Patagonian claw” alvarezsaur from the Cretaceous.

    We additionally interview Annalisa Berta, a paleontologist and professor emerita at San Diego State College. She’s additionally the co-author, together with Dr. Susan Turner, of the upcoming ebook Girls in Vertebrate Paleontology, which is a historical past of ladies bone hunters starting within the late 1700s.

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    On this episode, we focus on:


    • Elektorornis chenguangi was named based mostly on its fuzzy foot, which was present in amber supply
    • Elektorornis could have used its toe fuzz like birds use their facial bristles at present supply
    • A workforce of paleontologists discovered the primary ever Tyrannosauripus footprint in China supply
    • The Nice Plains Dinosaur Museum is providing a dinosaur dig program for adults and children in Malta, Montana supply
    • Leeds metropolis centre, within the UK, has 5 animatronic dinosaurs for the following few weeks supply
    • In Fortnite Season X, there are weekly missions, together with discovering dinosaurs supply
    • The brand new anime collection “Jurassic!” will mix a contemporary world and prehistoric animals supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Patagonykus

    • Alvarezsaur that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now Neuquen Province, Argentina (Portezuelo Formation)
    • Estimated to be 6.5 ft (2 m) lengthy
    • Holotype is incomplete, and contains vertebrae, partial forelimb, pelvic girdle, and hindlimbs (no cranium)
    • In all probability ate bugs
    • Alvaresaurs are small, bipedal, and possibly ate bugs
    • Alvaresaurs additionally had brief, sturdy forelimbs
    • Sort species is Patagonykus puertai
    • Genus identify means “Patagonian claw”
    • Described in 1996 by Novas
    • A second specimen was present in 2003, however just one digit from its finger
    • Different dinosaurs that lived across the identical time and place embody Megaraptor, Rinconsaurus and Antarctosaurus

    Enjoyable Truth:
    By taking a look at Tarbosaurus tooth, it seems that what’s now the Gobi dessert was as soon as a forest filled with conifer timber (issues like redwood, pine, & cedar).