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I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Shuvuuia (Episode 237)


    Episode 237 is all about Shuvuuia, a Mongolian alvarezsaurid that was in all probability coated in dino fuzz.

    We additionally interview David Armsby, the creator of the YouTube channel Lifeless Sound. You could have seen his wonderful quick animated film Sharp Tooth. Should you haven’t seen it, it’s undoubtedly price a glance. You can even see the video model of our interview on YouTube.

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    On this episode, we talk about:


    • A brand new examine discovered that the Triassic sauropodomorph Mussaurus crawled on all fours as a hatchling supply
    • A highschool senior from the Webb Faculties revealed on a younger Edmontosaurus femur—supporting a life-long quadrupedal stance supply
    • The Royal Gorge Dinosaur Expertise has life-size skeletons and a Dinosaur Stroll supply
    • The Santa Barbara Museum of Pure Historical past has a brand new animatronic T. rex and child Ankylosaurus supply
    • Granger, Washington, residents helped construct a Sauropelta for his or her Dino-N-A-Day occasion supply
    • Tammy and the T. rex is getting a re-release on Monday, June 17 on the Chicago Cinepocalypse movie competition supply
    • Netflix is making a Jurassic World animated TV present referred to as Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous supply
    • Jurassic World Evolution is getting new DLC that includes Claire Dearing saving dinosaurs supply
    • the Science Museum of Minnesota is holding a dinosaur occasion on July 13 supply
    • The North American Paleontological Conference is arising on June 23–27 on the College of California, Riverside supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Shuvuuia

    • Alvarezsaurid theropod that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Mongolia
    • Alvarezsaurids have quick, highly effective forelimbs which might be good for digging
    • Sort species is Shuvuuia deserti
    • Identify means “desert chook” (Mongolian phrase shuvuu means “chook”)
    • Small and light-weight, about 2 ft (60 cm) lengthy
    • Had a beaked snout
    • Had slender jaws and small enamel
    • Jaw might carry out prokinensis (higher jaw mobility, the place the snout can bend or flex upward impartial of the cranium); Shuvuuia had particular hinges close to the attention sockets
    • Had lengthy, slender hindlimbs and quick toes
    • Had three toes on every foot
    • Could have been a quick runner
    • Forelimbs have been quick and muscular, with three digits on every (together with one giant thumb claw)
    • Could have used forelimbs to tear open insect nests (might use its jaws to go after the bugs, and open its mouth very extensive)
    • Named in 1998 by Chiappe and others
    • Fossils discovered within the Djadochta Formation
    • A number of specimens have been discovered, together with some properly preserved skulls
    • One specimen was discovered amongst hole tube-like constructions made from keratin. Scientists discovered the constructions contained the protein beta-keratin, and no alpha-keratin. Beta-keratin is present in pores and skin and feather cells of reptiles and birds. However solely chook feathers don’t have any alpha-keratin, which confirmed that Shuvuuia was in all probability coated in proto feathers
    • Paul Sereno hypothesized in 1999 that alvaresaurids have been modified members of ornithomimidae (ostrich mimics)
    • A examine in 2002 of a partial skeleton of an immature Shuvuuia discovered there was not sufficient data to help the speculation that ornithomimids and alvarezsaurids are carefully associated
    • Can see Shuvuuia within the Jurassic World Dinosaur Area Information

    Enjoyable Reality: A freshly hatched Mussaurus solely weighed about 60g (2oz). An grownup weighed over a ton. That’s over a 16,000 instances improve in dimension.