I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Suchomimus (Episode 118)

In our 118th episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Nelio Bugallo, a.ok.a. Jaye Jurassick, a tremendous artist who has labored in lots of mediums. He’s a tattoo apprentice, an illustrator, painter, sculptor, and extra, who has created some stunning dinosaur in eggs illustrations, and a few splendidly detailed feathered dinosaurs. You should purchase a few of his work on Etsy (the place he sells customized toys and replicas, corresponding to Jurassic Park crates and Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus venom) and shirts, cellphone circumstances, prints, and extra at Purple Bubble. You can even see extra of his work on his web site, neliobugallo.com, Fb, @nbugalloart, and Instagram, @jaye_jurassick

Episode 118 is all about Suchomimus, a spinosaurid with a crocodile-like cranium.

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On this episode, we focus on:


  • Scientists found a brand new Jurassic dinosaur, Isaberrysaurua mollensis, present in Patagonia, in keeping with Nature
  • Scientists analyzed the “Preventing Dinosaurs” from Mongolia, in keeping with Paleontological Journal
  • New titanosaur osteoderms present in North Patagonia are described in ScienceDirect
  • Scientists described dinosaur eggshells from Alberta, Canada, in ScienceDirect
  • PLOS One defined how sauropods ate to turn out to be gigantic
  • Scientists described Jurassic carnivorous dinosaur footprints, present in China, in keeping with Vertebrate PalAsiatica
  • A invoice was launched in California to call Augustynolophus morrisi the state dinosaur, in keeping with California Legislative Info
  • The Environmental Science Institute on the College of Texas at Austin printed new movies on Youtube about dinosaurs: a brief clip on what dinosaurs seemed like, and one other brief clip on what dinosaurs seemed like, taken from the “Secret Lives of Dinosaurs” speak by Dr. Julia Clarke of their collection “Scorching Science Cool Talks”
  • TV Overmind reported on James Burrows, who constructed a 125,000 piece dinosaur themed LEGO park
  • Chicago Tonight reported on Neil Shubin, a paleontologist from the College of Chicago, who lately got here again from his first fossil hunt in Antarctica
  • Geek.com wrote about Hasbro’s Toy Honest media briefing, which featured Trypticon, a dinosaur Transformer
  • The sixty fifth Symposium of Vertebrate Paleontology and Comparative Anatomy and the twenty sixth Symposium of Paleontological Preparation and Conservation might be held in Birmingham, UK, September 12-15
  • In accordance with Birmingham Mail, Birmingham park may have life-sized dinosaurs for the summer time
  • In accordance with Devices Now and ABC, a staff of scientists in Melbourne, Australia, are working to mix digital actuality and 3D printing to show folks about dinosuars

Dinosaur of the day: Suchomimus

  • Spinosaurid with a crocodile-like cranium
  • Lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now Niger, Africa
  • Species is Suchomimus tenerensis
  • Species title is after the Ténéré Desert the place Suchomimus was discovered
  • Paul Sereno and his staff discovered Suchomimus fossils in 1997 (David Varrichhio discovered the primary bone, a thumb claw, in December 1997)
  • Discovered a partial cranium and skeleton
  • Paul Sereno and his staff described Suchomimus in 1998
  • In 2007 the furcula (wishbone) was described (present in a 2000 expedition)
  • In 2002, some scientists mentioned that Suchomimus was the identical as Cristatusaurus lapparenti, which was present in the identical formation in Niger. Cristatusaurus was named earlier in 1998 than Suchomimus, however they proposed the 2 had been really a second species of Baryonyx, Baryonyx tenerensis
  • A part of Baryonychinae in Spinosauridae
  • Just like Baryonyx (from England), each had sturdy forelimbs and huge claws on their “thumbs”
  • Suchomimus is bigger than Baryonyx, nevertheless it’s unclear how outdated the specimens had been after they died
  • Suchomimus had neural spines, which will have held a low crest of sail
  • Pores and skin sail or hump might have been used for thermoregulation or storing meals (neural spines had been massive, which can imply it was a hump, to assist the load)
  • Baryonyx didn’t have neural spines, however the specimen discovered wasn’t an grownup, so some scientists assume Baryonyx and Suchomimus had been the identical, and that they grew neural spines as they aged (not clear if that is true, would want to discover a specimen that reveals intermediate improvement of neural spines)
  • Suchomimus discover helped scientists higher perceive Spinosaurus
  • Extra intently associated to Baryonyx than Spinosaurus, which suggests spinosaurids might have been throughout Pangaea, however then had been cut up up by the opening of the Tethys sea, so Europe/Laurasia spinosaurids advanced individually from South America/Africa/Gondwana spinosaurids. Then there might have a dispersal occasion within the early Cretaceous (Europe to Africa) that led to Suchomimus in Africa.
  • Subadult Suchomimus discovered, estimated to be 34-36 ft (10.3-11 m lengthy), weighing between 2.7-5.2 tons (Gregory Paul estimated in 2010 it was 9.5 m and a pair of.5 tons), grownup most likely bigger
  • Had an extended, low snout and slim jaws
  • Had lengthy, slim nostrils
  • Had a brief, muscle-y neck
  • Lived in a swampy habitat
  • Remainder of physique not nice for aquatic life-style
  • Had highly effective hand claws
  • Had conical tooth, about 122 of them, that had been finely serrated and curving barely backward (not too sharp)
  • Tip of snout was enlarged sideways and had some longer tooth (7 on either side of the cranium)
  • Ate fish and doubtless carrion (dinosaurs and pterosaurs, although it’s not clear in the event that they hunted or scavenged)
  • Tooth had been good for greedy (not slicing) and had a stable roof of mouth, so it may stand up to prey twisting in its mouth, additionally most likely higher suited to scavenging than looking
  • However Suchomimus claws would have made it simple to slash small dinosaurs (like Ouranosaurus) whereas holding it in its mouth
  • Suchomimus fossils are within the Musée Nationwide du Niger assortment
  • Spinosauridae household had been theropods (a bunch of principally carnivorous dinosaurs that advanced into birds).
  • Spinosaurids have been present in Africa, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia.

Enjoyable truth: Dinosaurs and people have comparable femur to hip connections which implies that we stroll in comparable methods. Nonetheless, their ankle is far larger up their leg than ours (typically it appears like they’ve a second knee that bends backwards).

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