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I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Supersaurus (Episode 238)


    Episode 238 is all about Supersaurus, a Portuguese relative of Diplodocus.

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    Supersaurus, at Tate Geological Museum

    On this episode, we focus on:


    • A number of new opalized Iguanodontian fossils have been described from Australia and have been used to call a brand new dinosaur: Fostoria supply
    • Two new dinosaurs have been present in Thailand inside just a few miles of one another: Phuwiangvenator and Vayuraptor supply
    • The Nationwide Museum in Rio de Janeiro misplaced much less specimens than beforehand thought supply
    • The brand new exhibit DinoQuest opened on the Science Centre Singapore supply
    • A duplicate of Scotty the T. rex is now on the Durham Museum in Omaha, Nebraska supply
    • The Smithsonian Nationwide Museum of Pure Historical past Corridor of Fossils reopened after years of renovations supply
    • Children from two group properties in Oklahoma will probably be digging for dinosaurs this summer season at a website close to Black Mesa supply
    • Robert McIntosh made a video flying a drone via the Pure Historical past Museum of Utah supply
    • The French Lick Scenic Railway may have a Dinosaur Journey Prepare and different actions supply
    • In Michigan, 77-year previous Sandra Crabb just lately bought Prehistoric Forest and hopes to carry it again to life supply
    • In New Brunswick, Canada, Robin Hanson made a T. rex sculpture for his grandchildren supply
    • John Hendrick’s mansion and ranch in Gateway, Colorado, is on the market together with a dinosaur footprint supply
    • Netflix launched the primary trailer for the brand new animated Jurassic World spinoff, Jurassic Park: Camp Cretaceous supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Supersaurus

    • Dilodocid sauropod that lived within the Late Jurassic in what’s now Colorado and Wyoming, US (discovered within the Morrison Formation)
    • Kind species is Supersaurus vivianae
    • Title means “tremendous lizard”
    • Present in 1972 by Vivian Jones (species title after her)
    • Estimated to be 108-112 ft (33-34 m) lengthy
    • Estimated to weigh about 32 to 38 metric tons
    • Could have the same physique to Apatosaurus however much less sturdy
    • Had an extended tail and ponderous physique
    • Had a small head
    • Had one of many longest recognized necks (one giant cervical vertebra discovered was 54 in or ~21 cm lengthy)
    • Described in 1985 by James Jensen (informally named Supersaurus in 1973)
    • Initially discovered the shoulder girdle, ischium, and tail vertebrae
    • Extra full particular person present in Converse County, Wyoming, in 1996 and assigned to Supersaurus in 2007 (about 30% of the skeleton)
    • Doubtlessly a second species: Supersaurus lourinhanensis, recognized from Portugal
    • A 2015 phylogenetic research of diplodocids discovered that Dinherirosaurus lourinhanensis is a brand new species of Supersaurus, Supersaurus lourinhanensis (Tschopp and others research, who introduced again Brontosaurus)
    • Supersaurus has some junior synonyms: Ultrasauros/Ultrasaurus macintoshi and Dystylosaurus edwini
    • Jensen described Ultrasaurus however the kind specimen was later discovered to be Supersaurus (dorsal vertebra) and had come from the identical quarry
    • Extra to the story of Ultrasaurus, and we cowl it in episode 21, Ultrasaurus
    • Dystylosaurus was a diplodocid discovered close to the unique Supersaurus quarry, and was additionally primarily based on a dorsal vertebra later discovered to belong to Supersaurus
    • Can see a reconstruction at Wyoming Dinosaur Middle (nicknamed “Jimbo”)

    Enjoyable Truth:
    Based mostly on their olfactory bulb sizes, T. rex most likely had a wonderful sense of scent, however Archaeopteryx couldn’t scent properly.