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I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Tuojiangosaurus (Episode 243)


    Episode 243 is all about Tuojiangosaurus, a dinosaur that resembles Stegosaurus with thinner plates.

    We additionally interview Jen Bauer, a postdoctoral affiliate on the Florida Museum of Pure Historical past, with a give attention to the myFOSSIL undertaking and the Thompson Institute for Earth Techniques. She can be the co-creator, together with Adriane Lam, of Time Scavengers

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    On this episode, we focus on:


    • Aquilarhinus, the brand new hadrosaur from Texas with a shovel invoice and an eagle nostril supply
    • A big group of opalized dinosaur fossils had been present in Lightning Ridge, Australia supply
    • The lawsuit over the dueling dinosaurs is now on the Montana Supreme Court docket supply

    The dinosaur of the day: Tuojiangosaurus

    • Stegosaurid that lived within the Late Jurassic, in what’s now Sichuan Province, China (Higher Shaximiao Formation)
    • About 23 ft (7 m) lengthy, and about 2.8 tonnes (Gregory Paul estimated 2.8 tonnes for a specimen about 21 ft (6.5 m) lengthy)
    • Described in 1977 by Dong Zhiming and others, however the description was largely of traits that different stegosaurs had
    • Peter Galton wrote about an autapomorphy in 1990 (pairs of spines on the base of the tail, the thagomizer, had bony skirts that ran from the entrance to the edges)
    • Had two spikes that identified from the tip of the tail (thagomizer), although Dong thought there could have been 4 spikes. Gregory Paul described them as a “pin-cushion array” with two vertical pairs of spikes and one other pair of spikes that pointed behind
    • Had rows of plates on the backbone, the tallest ones across the hip space
    • Plates close to the neck and the entrance of the physique had been rounded, plates close to the again had been extra pointy and triangular
    • The plates had been formed in a approach that seemed like modified spikes
    • Dong estimated 17 pairs of plates and spikes
    • Had a slim, low head
    • Had a cumbersome physique
    • Had quick limbs, particularly the forelimbs
    • Ate floor vegetation and doubtless stored its head near the bottom (had enamel higher for gentle vegetation)
    • Fossils had been present in 1974, throughout building of a dam in Zigong, Sichuan
    • Kind species is Tuojiangosaurus multispinus
    • Identify means “Tuo River Lizard”
    • Species identify means “many spines”
    • Discovered two specimens initially (extra specimens have since been referred to Tuojiangosaurus, together with juveniles)
    • Holotype is generally full, however lacking elements of the cranium, decrease jaws, tail, and limbs (when it was described, it was essentially the most full stegosaur skeleton present in Asia)
    • Sister taxa to Stegosaurus
    • Can see Tuojiangosaurus mount on the Municipal Museum of Chongqing, in China, and one other mount on the Beijing Museum of Pure Historical past (combating a Yangchuanosaurus)
    • May see a Tuojiangosaurus forged on the Pure Historical past Museum in London

    Enjoyable Reality: There’s a formation of cretaceous rock bigger than Montana in central Africa that’s fully unexplored.