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Indominus Rex and Jurassic World


    Episode 29 is all about the most recent dinosaur film, Jurassic World. (Incorporates spoilers.)

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    On this episode, we focus on:

    • The dinosaur of the day: Indominus Rex, a brand new hybrid dinosaur whose identify means “fierce or untamable king”
    • Indominus Rex is a combination Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops, Giganotosaurus, Velociraptor, a frog (for thermal regulation) and a cuttlefish (for camoflauge)
    • Can run as much as 30 mph
    • Has a roar of 140-160 db (similar as 747 taking off and touchdown)
    • Colin Trevorrow, director, labored with paleontologist Jack Horner to make Indominus Rex
    • Jack Horner is trying to flip a rooster embryo right into a dinosaur (scientists have already turned a rooster beak right into a dinosaur snout, in addition to perching digits, and tooth
    • Assessment of Jurassic World: nice, entertaining film (most likely 2nd finest within the Jurassic Park franchise, and positively price seeing