Kitten Arrived Scruffy Avoiding Everybody, Blooms right into a Coronary heart Melter Dwelling Finest Life

A kitten who arrived as a scruffy feral avoiding everybody, blooms right into a full-fledged coronary heart melter, dwelling the very best life.

fluffy cat pawAndy the kittenNikki @myfosterkittens

Andy was a scruffy and timid kitten when he first arrived in foster care. He got here from a cat colony and was dropped at a feral cat clinic, the place workers seen his candy aspect behind all of the hisses.

Nikki Martinez, an animal rescuer and foster carer, discovered about his wants and did not hesitate to assist. “Mr. Raggedy Andy hissed and spit and swatted at me once I picked him up, however he is meals motivated,” Nikki shared with Love Meow.

Regardless of his robust exterior, she noticed that deep inside, Andy simply wished to really feel protected and liked.

feral kitten dirty furAndy was present in a feral cat colonyLynn @lynninlasvegas

Nikki ready a comfy and quiet area for Andy to decompress. The subsequent day, she got here in with a blanket to assist the kitten get used to the touch.

She started associating “blissful issues”, equivalent to treats, with listening to her voice, being in her presence, and getting petted or held. Andy tried to cower away and conceal, however discovered himself unable to withstand all the love.

feral kitten andyHe was scared and hissy when he first arrived in foster careNikki @myfosterkittens

Nikki additionally launched totally different toys to Andy to see if any of them would pique his curiosity. The feather wand toy was significantly charming to the shy boy who had taken refuge in a nook.

“I can see him flinch his arms like he desires to achieve out and seize it.”

shy kitten andySlowly however absolutely, he started to open upNikki @myfosterkittens

Slowly however absolutely, Andy began to heat as much as Nikki and found his love for chin scratches. His cautious eyes turned curious, and his persona started to emerge.

At some point, Andy mustered up the braveness to just accept further petting, as he rolled over on his aspect and revealed his fluffy stomach.

fluffy kitten andyHe discovered that toys had been enjoyable and that chin scratches made him very blissfulNikki @myfosterkittens

He allowed Nikki to rub his stomach for the primary time, and even wiggled his physique round, asking for extra. The shy, hissy kitty was turning right into a playful, snuggly, lovable boy.

kitten snuggling lapAndy became a snuggly kittyNikki @myfosterkittens

After getting all cleaned up and brushed, Andy was upgraded to a spacious room the place he discovered his confidence-boosting spot.

“I put him up on excessive on a cat tree to really feel extra assured. He simply wanted to really feel larger.”

kitten cat tree andyHe felt extra assured being on prime of a cat treeNikki @myfosterkittens

In just some weeks, Andy was not that feral kitten lined in filth. He reworked right into a candy, full-fledged snuggle-bug.

When he returned to the vet, he let everybody cuddle him and did not make one hiss.

sweet kitten fluffyAndy grew to become a pleasant, cuddly boy on the vetNikki @myfosterkittens

Andy was prepared for his subsequent chapter – to be liked and spoiled in a spot of his personal. Nikki hoped to discover a loving, affected person household that might proceed to work with him and permit him to blossom.

playful fluffy andy kittenHe likes to play particularly together with his wand toyNikki @myfosterkittens

“Andy is within the arms of his new mama. He’ll be a part of his new kitty brother, Ozzie, who’s six months previous, and his new canine sister, Bambi, who’s 9 years previous,” Nikki shared.

kitten loves treats andyNikki @myfosterkittens

With some treats and his favourite toy, Andy settled superbly into his new house. Very quickly, he discovered his bearings and located one among his favourite spots on his mother’s lap.

kitten adopted happyAndy snuggling together with his mother at his endlessly houseNikki @myfosterkittens

Now, Andy is busy absorbing the love, snuggling away together with his household, dwelling the very best life. “He is thriving in his new house. I am so blissful for him.”

fluffy happy cat andyHe now has an enormous teddy to cuddle withNikki @myfosterkittens

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