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It was wonderful to look at tawny owl Luna & Bomber’s first owl chick hatching! It was significantly wonderful as a result of Luna had simply left the nest so we had been in a position to see the precise second the owlet hatched which I’ve by no means seen earlier than. And naturally after she has had 2 failed clutches for the previous two years it was significantly thrilling. Normally, tawny owl chicks hatch out beneath the duvet of the feminine’s feathers – however Luna wanted to take a fast each day rest room break and wing stretch, so she left the nest for slightly below 10 minutes. 

The Egg Hatching Course of

When a tawny owl egg is about to hatch, the chick contained in the egg begins to maneuver and break the shell utilizing an egg tooth, a small, pointed protuberance on the highest of its beak. The chick will then use its legs to push in opposition to the shell till it creates a small gap. This course of is named pipping. As soon as the chick has pipped, it can proceed to maneuver and work on breaking the shell till it could actually totally emerge. The method of hatching can take a number of hours, and the chick might relaxation intermittently all through.

What a Tawny Owl Chick Appears to be like Like When It First Hatches

When the chick has lastly hatched, it will likely be coated in down feathers and its eyes shall be closed. It can depend on its dad and mom for heat and safety, for the primary 24 hours it could actually survive solely on the yolk sack that’s inside it. However quickly, the mom will feed it regurgitated meals. The second of hatching is an important and thrilling second within the life cycle of a tawny owl, and it marks the start of its journey into the world.


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