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My Cat Killed a Mouse! 4 Recommendations on What to Do Subsequent


    cat with mouse on his mouth

    Did your cat just lately depart you a “present?” Cats are pure hunters, so it was sure to occur finally. Now you’re left with cleansing up the mess. Not precisely the very best present, is it?

    You would choose up the mouse with some gloves and toss it, however there’s a greater approach—one which disinfects the world and leaves behind no hint of contamination. And it solely takes 4 steps. Belief us, it’s greatest to go this manner when coping with useless rodents.  Let’s get began.

    The 4 Recommendations on What To Do If Your Cat Killed a Mouse

    1. Seize Some Gloves and Disinfectant Spray

    blue and pink spray bottle
    Picture Credit score: SeKimseng, Pixabay

    Earlier than touching something, seize some gloves. They are often disposable or rubber.

    Subsequent, seize a disinfectant spray. The spray will be an all-purpose cleaner, supplied the phrase “disinfectant” is on the label. You can even make a bleach answer of 1 half bleach to 9 elements water.

    2. Spray the Affected Space (Together with the Mouse)

    Utilizing your disinfectant spray, spray the world, together with the mouse and droppings, if any. Go away for five minutes whereas the spray works its magic.

    3. Seize Two Plastic Baggage

    outdoor trash can
    Picture Credit score: Maaark, Pixabay

    Place the useless mouse in a plastic bag and seal it tight. Place the bag containing the mouse into the opposite empty bag and seal that one as properly.

    4. Get rid of the Mouse

    Throw the mouse away in a lined trash can recurrently picked up by the town.

    Extra Generally Requested Questions

    The Mouse Is Lifeless, However Is My Cat OK?

    It’s unlikely your cat will change into unwell from killing a mouse, nevertheless it does occur generally. That is usually attributable to rodenticides or rodent diseases.


    No person desires mice scurrying about their homes at will, so individuals generally set mouse traps that embody rodenticides. Sadly, poison impacts different animals, not simply those being poisoned.

    The difficult half is figuring out if a mouse was even poisoned to start with. There’s no approach to inform until you take a look at the mouse for rodenticides or convey your cat to the vet for blood work.

    The excellent news is that ingesting rodenticides by means of one other animal is much less dangerous than immediately ingesting the poison. Nonetheless, how your cat reacts relies on how a lot poison the mouse ate, and in case your cat ate the mouse.

    Typically, your cat might be high quality if it solely killed the mouse and didn’t eat it. Nevertheless it’s a good suggestion to name your veterinarian anyway, to make sure.

    mouse up close
    Picture Credit score: MainelyPhotos, Shutterstock

    Rodent Sicknesses

    On prime of poisons, your cat might change into unwell from rodent diseases. Rodent diseases are frequent illnesses and infections present in rodents that may switch from one animal to a different. A couple of frequent rodent diseases embody:

    • Toxoplasmosis: A parasitic an infection attributable to the parasite Toxoplasma gondii.

    • Tularemia: Also referred to as “rabbit fever,” this illness is attributable to the bacterium Francisella tularensis.

    • Plague Micro organism: Rodents carry the plague micro organism Yersinia pestis, making cats extremely vulnerable to an infection. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply it’s going to move to people.

    • Intestinal Parasites: Parasites like roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms will be handed to your cat if it eats an contaminated mouse.

    • Hantaviruses: A household of viruses unfold by rodents. Every sort of hantavirus yields totally different signs.

    Signs of Rodent Sicknesses

    Fortunately, many rodent diseases are treatable to your cat. Nevertheless it helps to know some frequent indicators of rodent sickness to correctly monitor your kitty.

    • Lethargy

    • Pale gums

    • Vomiting

    • Diarrhea

    • Respiratory points

    • Fever

    • Weight reduction

    • Mouth lesions

    • Seizures

    • Jaundice

    • Fever

    • Lack of coordination
    person petting a sick cat
    Picture Credit score: Alexander Andrews, Unsplash

    Ought to I Let My Cat Eat Mice?

    It’s arduous to maintain cats away from mice, particularly indoor-outdoor kitties. In any case, cats are natural-born hunters and should eat someway. So, it’s as much as you if you need your cat to eat mice whereas wandering the outside. Nevertheless, we don’t advocate it in the event you will help it and wish to do your greatest at avoiding sickness.

    A mouse or two every now and then isn’t an enormous deal so long as you’re conscious of the potential threats. Choosing humane rodent-proofing strategies is an effective approach to preserve everybody concerned as secure as doable.

    You may shortly obtain this by choosing mechanical traps over toxic and sticky traps. Mechanical traps are safer for cats and extra humane for the mouse by providing a faster loss of life.

    Tips on how to Cease Your Cat From Looking Mice?

    As we stated, retaining your cat from looking mice is hard. Cats are obligate carnivores and dwell for the hunt. Why else would they stalk and pounce in your toes as you stroll by?

    You may simply mimic this hunt as a cat proprietor with common play periods and correct cat toys. It’ll take some work, however a stable play session will ship your cat to the sofa for its afternoon nap as a substitute of on the prowl for a furry snack.

    One other approach to preserve your cat from looking mice is by retaining them inside. This may occasionally solely work for some individuals since some undertake cats for rodent management, like in rural areas.

    Some city neighborhoods settle for free-range kitties, so the mouse inhabitants is perhaps decrease in these neighborhoods. However different communities choose cats strictly indoors, so your cat might have extra alternatives to discover a mouse.

    In any case, retaining your kitty indoors limits your cat’s alternative for the pure hunt.


    Discovering a useless mouse isn’t going to place a smile on our faces, however once you personal a cat, it’s what it’s. A very powerful factor to remove isn’t to the touch a mouse together with your naked fingers. All the time use gloves and disinfectant spray and get rid of the rodent in a double bag.

    As soon as the deed is finished, you’ll be able to monitor your cat for any indicators of sickness. Name your veterinarian for additional directions in the event you consider your cat is sick.

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