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Myna Symbolism & Which means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

    Myna birds, additionally spelled “Mynah,” are members of the starling household present in southern Asia. The Myna fowl is finest identified for its reputation as a pet because of its spectacular capability to imitate sounds. Mynas can mimic human speech, complicated songs, and a variety of synthetic noises.

    The Myna is a great, lovely, and attention-grabbing fowl. Sadly, the Myna has a posh relationship with conservation and ecology across the globe. The distinctive Bali Myna is one in every of earth’s most critically endangered birds, with lower than 100 wild people estimated in 2018. Then again, the Frequent Myna is one in every of solely three birds listed on the IUCN’s listing of the 100 most detrimental invasive species.

    The Frequent Myna is native to Asia however has unfold via launched populations into Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and vital parts of Europe and america. In stark distinction to the wrestle to keep up dwindling Bali Myna populations, the Frequent Myna is accountable for out-competing native species and is taken into account to be a serious nuisance to structure and agriculture. It stays a well-liked pet regardless of this invasive standing. (1)

    Myna Symbolism and Which means

    Myna birds symbolize reminiscence, intelligence, imitation, and communication. The Myna’s spectacular repertoire makes it one of the well-liked and completed “speaking birds” on this planet. Some even take into account the Myna’s talking capability to be on par with that of the parrot. (2)

    Mynas are monogamous birds which type pairs, carry out courtship rituals, and defend their territories fiercely. Each Myna mother and father incubate their eggs and take care of the resultant offspring. Mynas, then, can characterize romance, safety, relationships, and households. (3)

    In components of the world, the Myna fowl is handled as the topic of this well-liked nursery rhyme:

    “One for sorrow,
    Two for pleasure,
    Three for a lady,
    4 for a boy,
    5 for silver,
    Six for gold,
    Seven for a secret by no means to be advised”

    Two Mynas
    Photograph by Ugyen Tenzin on Unsplash

    One other older model of the rhyme reads as follows:

    “One for sorrow,
    Two for mirth
    Three for a funeral,
    4 for beginning
    5 for heaven
    Six for hell
    Seven for the satan, his personal self”

    This rhyme usually refers to Magpies. In India, although, it’s utilized to Myna birds. For that reason, encountering a single Myna fowl is seen as a nasty omen which brings misfortune. Individuals who encounter single Mynas might even wait till a second Myna fowl seems. As a result of the rhyme states “one for sorrow” and “two for pleasure,” encountering two Myna birds is assumed to deliver good luck, happiness, and potential romance. (4)

    Due to this rhyme, teams of Myna birds could also be related to numerous completely different outcomes. A Myna flock may be seen as predicting one’s fortune attributable to its numbers.

    Myna birds are dangerously invasive in components of the world. They pose such a menace as a result of they’re extraordinarily adaptable and able to making houses for themselves in city environments. Mynas have the doubtful distinction of being one of many birds, like Rock Doves, who’re continuously known as “winged rats” by their detractors. Invasive Mynas are a serious ecological situation. There isn’t a disputing this reality. Nonetheless it’s troublesome to not admire the flexibleness, grit, and willpower that the Myna shows. Myna birds are survivors which adapt to no matter circumstances are thrown at them. The merciless irony of all the matter is that regardless of this combating spirit, the Bali Myna is disappearing all while its extra frequent invasive cousins proceed to dominate ecosystems. Mynas might characterize perseverance, adaptability, conservation, ecology, invasion, pestilence, or nuisances.

    Myna Native American Symbolism

    Mynas will not be native to the Americas. The closest equal that we will study would probably be the Mockingbird. Mockingbirds seem in Native American cultures in all kinds of various types. Numerous sources state that many tribes affiliate these birds with intelligence. Such sources even embody accounts of traditions whereby the heads or hearts of mockingbirds can be fed to younger kids with the expectation that this might make the kids develop as much as be intelligent. (5)

    Myna Christianity Symbolism

    The scientific identify of the Frequent Hill Myna, one of the well-liked pet species and completed mimics, is “Gracula religiosa.” This stems from the observe of utilizing the Myna’s in depth mimicry skills to show this fowl to recite quick snippets of prayers. For that reason, the Myna fowl may be related with prayer and religion. Prayer is clearly a serious and vital facet of Christian spiritual practices.

    “And while you pray, don’t be just like the hypocrites, for they love to hope standing within the synagogues and on the road corners to be seen by others. Actually I inform you, they’ve obtained their reward in full. However while you pray, go into your room, shut the door and pray to your Father, who’s unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is completed in secret, will reward you. And while you pray, don’t carry on babbling like pagans, for they assume they are going to be heard due to their many phrases. Don’t be like them, in your Father is aware of what you want earlier than you ask him.”

    — Matthew 6:5-8 (6)

    Myna Celtic Symbolism

    Mynas will not be naturally occurring in Europe, however Celtic mythology does embody plenty of significant songbirds. The Myna may be related, for instance, with the birds of Rhiannon. Rhiannon is a vital goddess who embodies queenship, otherworldliness, and female energy. Rhiannon entertains guests to the realm of the supernatural by permitting her choir of songbirds to sing for them. This music of Rhiannon’s birds is alleged to be so enchanting that the listener is liable to neglect themselves and hear for hundreds of years with out noticing that the time has handed. (7)

    Myna in Goals

    Dreaming of a Myna fowl might point out communication. A Myna fowl dream can relate to feeling the necessity to converse up and be heard. Don’t maintain again from expressing your true ideas and emotions.

    A Myna fowl showing in a single’s dream might also point out that the dreamer feels pressured to imitate others or “mix in” to be able to really feel snug. It’s usually stated that Mynas mimic different sounds as a result of they lack a music of their very own. This isn’t precisely true, however a Myna dream can nonetheless be an incredible reminder to get snug with standing out. Being your self is essential even when it makes you are feeling susceptible.

    Myna Wing
    Photograph by Sreenivas on Unsplash

    Dreaming of a lone Myna might point out dread or nervousness. That is as a result of Myna usurping the Magpie’s position within the “one for sorrow, two for pleasure” rhyme. A lone Myna might point out isolation and loneliness as effectively.

    Myna Encounters and Omens

    As mentioned within the earlier part, encountering numerous portions of Myna birds might tie in to the “one for sorrow, two for pleasure” nursery rhyme. With this in thoughts, encountering a lone Myna is assumed to deliver misfortune. Two Mynas are thought to suggest good luck and romance. Three Myna birds are thought to suggest a future daughter. 4 Mynas are thought to foretell a future son. Additional Mynas are usually checked out as foretelling wealth and monetary success.

    Encountering an invasive Myna fowl in a area the place these birds are non-native can discuss with pests and invasion. Regardless of this, encountering a Myna in an city setting can discuss with tenacity or adaptability.

    An encounter with a pet Myna might relate to feeling trapped or caught in a single’s routines. Pet Myna birds may be blissful and cozy with correct care and train. Such an encounter is usually a reminder to domesticate the issues that make you cheerful to be able to really feel extra free.

    Myna in Mythology & Folklore

    In addition to the nursery rhyme which we’ve mentioned extensively within the above sections, Myna birds don’t continuously seem in mythological traditions. Regardless, I’ll summarize what I’ve discovered regarding Myna myths and folklore.

    Laotian Mythology:

    In line with a Laotian fantasy, there was as soon as a fowl which was revered for its capability to talk. This fowl may converse human languages and type new sentences all by itself. Due to this, the fowl was a standard and sought-after pet. In the future, a person stole his neighbor’s cow and skinned it and hid the meat amongst his rice storage. The subsequent day, the neighbor got here to the person and requested him if he had seen his cow. The fowl perked up and stated “he has killed and eaten your cow. Its meat is with the rice storage.” The neighbor couldn’t determine who to consider and the fowl and the 2 males needed to go to courtroom to type out the matter. The night time earlier than they went to courtroom, the person coated the lid of the fowl’s cage with a pot and poured water over the pot and beat it with a spoon.

    Strutting Myna
    Photograph by Lenstravelier on Unsplash

    The subsequent day, when the decide questioned the fowl, the person advised the decide that it couldn’t be trusted. He warned the decide that the fowl would lie if it was requested what the earlier night time had been like. The decide requested the fowl and the fowl described rain and storms. It had been a transparent night time, so the fowl was not believed. The fowl was solid from the person’s family. Within the woods in the future, the fowl noticed a parrot and a Myna approaching the village. They have been talking human language. The fowl approached them and warned that mankind didn’t deal with speaking birds kindly, particularly once they advised the reality. That is the rationale that parrots and Myna birds solely mimic what we are saying and don’t converse to us with their very own ideas. (8)

    Hindu Mythology:

    “Myna” comes from a Hindu phrase that means “pleasant” or “joyful.” I couldn’t confirm this utterly, however some sources point out that this identify, in flip, comes from an older Sanskrit phrase that means “messenger of God.” (9)

    Myna Spirit Animal

    If the Myna is your spirit animal then you’re probably extroverted and communicative. Folks with the Myna spirit animal take pleasure in conversing with others and should really feel uncomfortable being alone for lengthy stretches. The Myna spirit is vulnerable to loneliness.

    Individuals who have the Myna as their spirit animal are usually clever and quick-witted. For the Myna spirit, pleasing others is a serious motivation. A lot of the Myna spirit’s wit is used to entertain others and make them snicker.

    The Myna spirit animal enjoys puzzles and challenges. Studying new issues is extremely stimulating and satisfying for the Myna spirit.

    Myna Totem Animal

    In case your totem animal is the Myna then you’re probably a person who can adapt to any scenario. Folks with the Myna as their totem animal are courageous and tenacious. The Myna totem is unbelievable at making the very best of adverse circumstances.

    Myna Calling
    Photograph by Lenstravelier on Unsplash

    Folks with the Myna as their totem animal are absolute optimists. They don’t enable troublesome conditions to rain on their parades. The Myna can all the time discover the silver lining regardless of how darkish the cloud could also be.

    Myna Energy Animal

    The ability of the Myna fowl is foresight. Folks with the Myna energy animal have an uncanny capability to foretell the sequence of occasions that can observe their decisions. That is removed from infallible, however this superior foresight does assist the Myna energy animal to find out essentially the most fortuitous path.

    Myna Tattoo Which means

    A Myna tattoo might characterize intelligence, curiosity, communication, or domesticity. For any individual from South Asia, a single Myna tattoo is more likely to characterize misfortune. A number of Mynas might characterize extra optimistic concepts.

    As a result of Mynas are typically taught to “pray,” a Myna tattoo might characterize religion or focus.


    Myna birds are each exceptionally lovely and endlessly fascinating. It isn’t usually {that a} non-parrot breaks into the ranks of well-liked pet birds which discuss and mimic. Whereas there are definitely settings through which Mynas are detrimental, the widespread enchantment of those birds makes it apparent that they’re too charming to not love!