Pafuri space half 2 – 10,000 Birds


That is the final submit protecting my time birding the Kruger Park in November 2018.

It appears this African Harrier-Hawk simply caught one thing right here. No clue what it’s although.

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A research on the weight loss program of the African Harrier-Hawk begins somewhat pompously:

“Feeding is an indispensable exercise within the lifetime of birds. It’s essential for his or her survival however the calls for of meals acquisition impose important challenges to each the physiology and conduct of birds. Thus, this research on the feeding ecology of African Harrier-hawk is crucial for understanding the species adaptation to environments and in addition an important issue to be thought-about whereas inspecting their financial standing.”

A extra fascinating piece of knowledge than that birds want meals is that “the African Harrier-Hawk is thought to blush deep pink within the face when they’re taken without warning, in addition to in the course of the courtship course of” (supply). I suppose blushing is less complicated you probably have a bald face like this species.

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eBird appears fairly keen on the Bearded Scrub-Robin, calling it a “fairly robin”.

The Latin species identify quadrivirgata means four-striped, and a fast rely across the head of the fowl makes this look like a smart identify alternative.

In a paper revealed in 1988, two Japanese biologists ask “Why does the Broad-billed Curler deliver Unusual Objects to the Nest?” (I like the best way that the title is put within the type of a query – recommendable scientific advertising).

Spoiler alert: the next paragraph might give away the reply and thus make it much less pleasurable to learn the unique paper. So, learn it at your personal peril.

“We propose these objects operate as ‘millstones’ used to grind up beetles (Coleoptera) and focus on the likelihood that the usage of ‘millstones’ could also be present in birds specializing on prey with laborious chitinous exoskeletons. Their potential position as instruments used in the course of the courtship shows of Broad-billed Rollers can be mentioned.”

In the meantime, the poor Black-headed Oriole is checked for its use as an arsenic indicator in a paper titled “Analysis of Black-Headed Oriole as Bioindicator of Arsenic Contamination Utilizing Atomic Absorption Spectrometry”.

Presumably because of the nice success of that paper, the authors adopted it with one other one titled “An investigation of chromium toxicity within the wild inhabitants of Black-Headed Oriole utilizing atomic absorption spectrometry”. By no means change a profitable workforce.

 In case you had been an vintage Roman studying this weblog submit, what you see beneath wouldn’t be a Brown-hooded Kingfisher however a white-bellied one (albiventris).

Amongst another species of the kingfisher household, this species is a little bit of a laughingstock. They tease the Brown-hooded Kingfisher by quoting part of the HBW entry to it: “Uncommon makes an attempt at fishing seldom profitable.”

As a substitute, it principally feeds on bugs captured on the bottom.

One other impediment to pleasurable fishing is that the moist look doesn’t work too effectively for this kingfisher, making the fowl look somewhat disgruntled.

For some purpose, the one model of the outdated English people tune “Three Blind Mice” that I do know is a reggae model by Max Romeo (I had a weed-smoking, reggae-loving pal at highschool). Very seemingly you realize different variations. Anyway, the vocalization of the Chinspot Batis is described as a “attribute downslurred three-note ‘three-blind-mice’ name” on eBird.

I’m not truly positive whether or not this can be a male or a feminine. It lacks the chestnut throat spot attribute of the feminine, however the breast band isn’t as purely black as described for males. An immature male possibly?

Widespread Scimitarbills appear to profit from staying near a flock of Social Pied Babblers. The babblers have a sentinel system – particular person birds take turns scanning for predators and warning the group.

So, when Widespread Scimitarbills are within the presence of they babblers, they decreased their vigilance charge by over 60%, elevated their foraging effectivity and moved into extra open habitat. Presumably with out even saying Thank-you to the babblers (supply).

That is in all probability a Fork-tailed Drongo, as Moist Drongo isn’t a species identify acknowledged by any of the related authorities.

The web site compares the Inexperienced Wooden Hoopoe to soccer workforce supporters. The “birds dwell in teams of round twelve members and are identified to problem rival teams by the use of raucous vocal shows, very like opposing soccer workforce supporters attempt to outdo each other in chanting and cheering for his or her workforce throughout a match. … These intense shows can proceed for prolonged intervals, with subordinates contributing greater than dominants, till one group offers up and retreats. Not like soccer followers although, following their defeat the group of Inexperienced Woodhoopoes don’t go off to the closest pub to drown their sorrows, however somewhat interact in preening each other. Dominant birds deal with preening their subordinates in what’s considered an encouragement to face their floor in future conflicts.”

One other research cited in “Wired” states that “For The Inexperienced Wooden Hoopoe, Center-Aged Motherhood Is Greatest”, offering the rationale that “females that try to start out breeding early in life have a really excessive mortality charge.” They name the discovering shocking, citing “a primary tenet of behavioral ecology: that early breeding is finest”. This in flip I discover considerably shocking as no less than for people, early pregnancies are thought to be a danger, with the WHO stating that “adolescent moms (ages 10–19 years) face larger dangers of eclampsia, puerperal endometritis, and systemic infections than ladies aged 20 to 24 years”.

And sure, I’m conscious that there’s a distinction between Inexperienced Wooden Hoopoes and people. Thanks for pointing it out although.

The Hadeda Ibis is seemingly spreading in South Africa and even thriving in locations like Johannesburg, residing no less than partly on pet food. So, no actual must go to Pafuri to see it.

Due to its cry, it’s apparently typically known as a “flying vuvuzela” – not precisely a ringing endorsement.

And there’s an city legend that the hadeda makes its grating name as a result of it’s frightened of flying (supply). Some folks will be capable of relate to that.

To me, the Mosque Swallow seems a bit like an growing older boxer that bought into one or two fights too many. However then, neither the HBW nor eBird point out something like this, so it might have been wiser of me to maintain my preliminary impression to myself.

It’s typically nesting in buildings, ideally uninhabited ones – I’m not fairly positive whether or not by fowl requirements mosques rely as uninhabited.

If these pictures of an Orange-breasted Bush-Shrike had been higher, it might be simpler to acknowledge them from the eBird description as “a hanging grey, yellow, and inexperienced bushshrike”.


Not everyone likes birds. Some farmers in all probability hate them. Weavers – together with the Crimson-headed Weaver – assault rice crops in Niger, the topic of the paper “Farmers’ Perceptions and Administration Practices of Weaver Hen Pests in Niger State, Nigeria”.

The Steppe Buzzard is usually thought-about a subspecies of the widespread or Eurasian buzzard, but it surely differs considerably physiologically. It’s smaller than the widespread buzzard, however with longer wings and tail (supply).

“After I develop up, I wish to be a full species”.

The White-crowned Lapwing isn’t notably uncommon globally however uncommon in South Africa, the place it’s largely confined to the Kruger Park and the full inhabitants therein is suspected to quantity simply c. 300 birds (HBW). That is one in all them.

The eBird entry on the White-fronted Bee Eater is the primary one I’ve seen that incorporates an exclamation mark: “They’ve one of the vital advanced of all avian societies, that includes households, clans, and pirates!”

The HBW manages to say a lot the identical, although with out an exclamation mark: “Society arguably essentially the most advanced and best-studied of any avian species”.

A number of bits of gossip from the HBW:

“3–4 pairs with helpers comprise a clan, members of that are associated and freely go to one another’s burrows, however repel makes an attempt by non-members to enter burrows”

“Males spend higher a part of day at colony, defending feminine from enforced copulation by different males”

“To forestall being parasitized, feminine stays in her nest for many of daytime”

“Appreciable parent-offspring battle, and fogeys might intrude of their son’s nesting to recruit him as personal helper”.

Effectively, it’s not straightforward being (principally) inexperienced.

Whereas the park nonetheless suffers from an abundance of non-birds, no less than a few of them are already useless.