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5 Finest Flowerhorn Meals for Head Development in 2022 – Evaluations & Prime Picks


    Flowerhorns are a few of the most spectacular fish within the aquarium pastime, with their uncommon head development, generally known as the nuchal hump or “Kok”. Their weight loss program performs a serious function in head development, and protein-rich meals are the constructing blocks for rising their nuchal hump to a formidable dimension.

    Flowerhorns are fairly simple to look after if they’ve a decent-sized tank that enables them to develop, however staple weight loss program and excessive protein dietary supplements will make your flowerhorn develop and assist them develop their hump, whereas sustaining a vibrant coloration.

    Let’s get into one of the best meals that may assist with flowerhorns’ head development.

    A Fast Comparability of Our Favorites (2022 Replace)

    The 5 Finest Flowerhorn Meals for Head Development

    1. Hikari Cichlid Gold

    Hikari Cichlid Gold

    Flowerhorns are a species of cichlid, so they are going to profit from cichlid fish meals as a staple. These meals have excessive ranges of protein and promote the expansion of their nuchal hump. The Hikari cichlid gold meals not solely helps to reinforce a flowerhorns shade, however the high-protein content material helps them develop and develop.

    This meals is nice if you wish to feed your flowerhorn a staple weight loss program that may assist with their head development. Not solely is that this meals reasonably priced, nevertheless it consists of high-quality substances which might be wealthy in nutritional vitamins and minerals.

    2. Fluker’s Freeze-Dried Bugs – River Shrimp

    Fluker’s Freeze-Dried Insects

    Since flowerhorns are massive fish, they are going to profit from the vitamins and high-protein content material of river shrimp. These are freeze-dried shrimp that don’t have the parasites and danger of different ailments (like with stay shrimp), which might be additionally reasonably priced and make an awesome complement to your flowerhorn’s staple weight loss program.

    Freeze-dried shrimp might be saved for a very long time within the authentic container, and also you don’t have to look after them your self, as they’ve already been ready and preserved to be fed to your flowerhorn.

    3. Hikari Spirulina Brine Shrimp

    Hikari Spirulina Brine Shrimp

    Just like the river shrimp, brine shrimp are a lot smaller, however comprise an equally useful variety of nutritional vitamins and minerals to assist together with your flowerhorn’s head development. These freeze-dried brine shrimps are free from parasites and illness, not like stay brine shrimp.

    The brine shrimp have been processed into cubes that your flowerhorn fish can simply eat to get the vitamins and protein they want for development. Brine shrimp shouldn’t be fed as a staple weight loss program to flowerhorns, and needs to be fed as a complement for his or her head development and growth.

    4. Hai Feng Quick Coloration Floating Meals

    Hai Feng Fast Color Floating Food

    In case you are in search of a color-enhancing meals on your flowerhorn, that additionally capabilities as a staple meals excessive in protein for his or her head development, then it is a beneficial meals to take a look at.

    It has been specifically formulated for cichlids, comparable to flowerhorn fish, and it incorporates a wide range of micronutrients and color-enhancing krill, with a mix of multivitamins to assist your fish’s digestive system. The extremely digestible protein-rich components makes a wonderful staple meals for rising and growing flowerhorns.

    5. Tetra Bloodworms

    Tetra Bloodworms

    These high-protein and nutritious freeze-dried worms might be fed to situation your flowerhorn and assist them develop. The freeze-dried course of helps remove dangerous organisms from the worms, which makes them a safer choice than stay bloodworms on your flowerhorn.

    The bloodworms needs to be fed along with your flowerhorn’s staple weight loss program to assist improve their protein consumption, and to encourage correct head development and growth.

    What Do Flowerhorns Eat?

    Whereas flowerhorns are omnivores, they take pleasure in a carnivore weight loss program that consists of brine shrimp, blood worms, and daphnia. These massive fish are recognized for the hump on their head, which varies in dimension relying on sure elements.

    Since weight loss program performs a job in your flowerhorn’s head development, it is very important feed them a high-quality staple weight loss program together with protein dietary supplements like bloodworms or shrimp. Their staple weight loss program needs to be excessive in protein and have the additional advantage of color-enhancing substances like krill or spirulina.

    Many flowerhorn fish keepers additionally advocate feeding flowerhorns a combination of blanched veggies like lettuce, zucchini, or deshelled peas. An excellent flowerhorn weight loss program will encompass veggies, protein-rich dietary supplements, and a high-quality staple weight loss program that’s excessive in protein and low in carbohydrates.


    With the correct weight loss program from a younger age, flowerhorns can have all the required vitamins for correct head development. Though weight loss program is not going to out of the blue trigger your flowerhorn’s nuchal hump to develop massive, it would assist situation it to develop correctly. An excellent weight loss program can even assist decrease your flowerhorn’s stress by offering their physique with the right vitamins they should thrive, as excessive ranges of stress could be a motive for flowerhorns growing a small hump.

    Featured Picture Credit score: Huy-Thoai, Shutterstock