Life like Hidden Legs Trex Costume Stilt

The practical hidden legs trex costume stilt is designed to look and transfer like an actual T-Rex. The hidden legs characteristic means that you can create the phantasm that you simply’re strolling on two legs, similar to the true T-Rex. Crafted from high-quality supplies, this costume stilt is each sturdy and comfy to put on. … Read more

I Know Dino Podcast: Brachiosaurus

Episode 39 is all about Brachiosaurus, a sauropod with longer forelimbs than hindlimbs. You’ll be able to hearken to our free podcast, with all our episodes, on iTunes at: On this episode, we talk about: The dinosaur of the day: Brachiosaurus, whose title means “arm lizard” Brachiosaurus is a sauropod that lived within the Jurassic in North America … Read more

I Know Dino Podcast: Massospondylus

Episode 40 is all about Massospondylus, a sauropodomorph with thumb claws and forelimbs half the size of its hindlimbs. We additionally introduced the launch of our Patreon marketing campaign. We’re so grateful to all our listeners, and we need to make the very best dinosaur reveals doable. In the event you take pleasure in our free weekly podcast and … Read more

Episode 429: A mini ankylosaur and an enormous hadrosaur

Episode 429: A mini ankylosaur and an enormous hadrosaur. Plus Lindsey Kinsella joins to debate his new ebook “The Lazarus Taxa” which incorporates scientists touring to the Cretaceous and encountering many fascinating dinosaurs. Information: A brand new tiny ankylosaur from Patagonia, Patagopelta supply Child tyrannosaurs could have been strolling pals supply Interview: Lindsey Kinsella, a … Read more

Unbelievable Flying Dragon Costume Grownup

This incredible flying dragon costume grownup will make you are feeling like an actual dragon and even have real looking dragon sounds! Its nice wings are spectacular, and the tail can also be extremely detailed, with segmented sections that transfer independently for an genuine dragon look. Its mouth can open and shut, you’ll be able … Read more

Episode 434: Therizinosaurus had weak claws

Episode 434: Therizinosaurus had weak claws. Did Therizinosaurus have claws that had been too massive to be helpful? Did Alvarezsaurus have claws that had been too small? How dinosaurs performed, how raptors used their claws, and dinosaurs in house. Information: Alvarezsaurs and therizinosaurs had been bizarre, and the large claws of Therizinosaurus had been surprisingly … Read more

Blue Cool Dragon Shoulder Puppet For Sale

This cool dragon shoulder puppet is comprised of high-quality supplies to make sure longevity and sturdiness. The puppet’s arms and mouth may be managed by the puppeteer, giving it a variety of motion and expressions. The puppet can be light-weight, making it simple to maneuver and management throughout a efficiency. Its gorgeous blue shade, fierce … Read more