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5 Methods to Cat-Proof Your Fish Tank


    Whether or not you’re bringing a fish tank into a house with a cat, or vice versa, this text has every part it’s good to know to assist them peacefully cohabitate.

    You’ll study 5 of the very best methods to maintain even probably the most decided felines out of the fish tank and away out of your fish.

    Whether or not you attribute it to the recognition of Discovering Nemo or the proliferation of lovely, accessible, inexpensive freshwater fish, there’s little question that fishkeeping has change into extra common as a pastime in latest many years.

    This has led to an increase within the variety of housecats cohabitating with fish tanks, and an rising urgency to the age-old query: How on Earth do you retain a cat out of a fish tank?

    1. Use a tank lid or different overlaying to forestall entry

    That is maybe the gold commonplace of cat-proofing a fish tank: It’s apparent, simple, low cost, and extremely efficient. Many fish tanks already include a lid, or you possibly can suit your tank with a makeshift overlaying of wire mesh or one thing related, which can proceed to let gentle and air into your fish tank. It will stop your cat from batting at or pulling your fish from the tank, and likewise cease your cat from ingesting from the tank, which could be harmful for them. The one downside with lids is that your cat might discover them an ideal place to put down, particularly in case your tank is well-heated and the lid is heat. This may stress out your fish, so that you’ll must discover a solution to hold your cat away from the tank fully.

    2. Place the tank someplace inaccessible

    Inaccessible is a tough phrase with cats, given their willingness and talent to leap, climb, squeeze, and seemingly fly into areas that ought to, by all accounts, be inconceivable for them to succeed in. You may arrange your fish tank in a room your cat doesn’t have entry to, however this might not be attainable given the scale of the tank or your own home. Placing the tank in a excessive place can be difficult, because it makes it tougher to see and repair and likewise will increase the likelihood that it may fall and significantly injure somebody. Nonetheless, there are nonetheless methods to place your tank to make it much less accessible to your cat. Transfer furnishings your cat can use to leap on the tank, and place as many sides of the tanks as attainable in opposition to partitions.

    3. Tuck away something that dangles off the tank or desk

    With the quantity {of electrical} extras – filters, air pumps, heaters, lights – required to take care of a fish tank, it’s no shock that they’re usually resplendent with dangling wires and electrical cords. Some folks additionally wish to put a blanket or tablecloth beneath the tank to guard their desk or extra simply catch leaks. Nonetheless, all of those tantalizing issues hanging over their heads could be extremely tempting to a cat, who might attempt to catch or play with them. Sadly, even a small cat giving a pointy tug on a wire or tablecloth could also be sufficient to ship the tank crashing to the bottom – or on prime of your cat. Wrap up your whole wires and place all of them on the desk or stand, or join all of them to a single energy strip with a brief wire your cat can’t attain. You possibly can tape the sides of a dangling desk cowl to the underside of the desk, or just select a smaller cowl that received’t hold over the sides into cat-tempting territory.

    4. Discover different methods to fill your cat’s wants

    Your cat isn’t making an attempt to mess together with your fish tank just because they’re mischievous or like being troublesome; they’re partaking in these behaviors to attempt to meet some type of want or fulfill a need. Mostly, that is their pure predatory instincts, telling them to assault and eat any small, rapidly shifting factor. If you happen to can fulfill this want by distracting your cat with an attainable “prey,” they’ll most definitely begin to go away your fish tank alone. Small, independently shifting toys are excellent for this. Your cat might also take pleasure in watching your fish swim as a result of it’s stimulating for them to observe one thing transfer after they’re alone in the home a lot of the time. Create an area the place they will stare out the window, or see in the event that they’re focused on nature documentaries or purpose-designed cat content material on the tv. In case your cat likes ingesting from the tank, it could be as a result of the water is shifting, or as a result of they’re dehydrated. Cats are inclined to want flowing water, so a fountain-type water bowl might remedy this downside, or just rising the quantity of water you provide your cat.

    5. Use deterrents to coach your cat

    Opposite to common knowledge, cats are certainly trainable, and there are lots of deterrents you need to use to kind a adverse affiliation of their minds with the fish tank. Commercially out there scat mats, both the type that use a small electrical pulse or ones that present an disagreeable, spiky floor, could be put out to maintain your cat off the tank stand and the tank itself. For the budget-conscious, you can even make your personal DIY “scat mats” by laying out sheets of aluminum foil, which make a crinkly sound most cats hate, or utilizing double-sided tape or one thing else sticky; cats dislike the sensation of stickiness on their paws. These generally is a ache to interchange, however in principle, as soon as your cat has tried it just a few occasions and gotten the disagreeable end result (sound or stickiness), they’ll study to go away the fish tank alone.

    The ultimate deterrent price making an attempt, and one you may very well take pleasure in placing out, is a scent deterrent, which you can even get commercially or make your self. Citrus scents like lemon, lime, and orange are all disagreeable to cats and may hold them away out of your fish tank.

    Fish tanks are sometimes a serious attractant for different home pets, particularly cats, though it’s attainable that your cat will solely be curious concerning the new tank for a day or two, and even ignore it fully.

    In the event that they don’t, although, you’ll be well-prepared to entertain your cat and defend your fish tank.