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6 Dinosaur Museums in California


    California shouldn’t be recognized for its dinosaurs, however there are nonetheless nice locations to go to if you wish to see some. Listed below are six dinosaur museums in California.

    Dinosaur encounter at the Natural History Museum Los Angeles County

    Discover the Dinosaur Corridor, the place you possibly can see Triceratops, a T. rex progress sequence, and Auggie, California’s state dinosaur. And on weekends you possibly can catch the dinosaur encounters reside present.


    Take a look at the Fossil Mysteries exhibit, and see dinosaurs corresponding to Albertosaurus, Lambeosaurus, and an ankylosaur. There’s additionally a solid of Al, the Allosaurus fragilis from Utah.

    Alf Museum

    A middle for paleontological analysis, fieldwork, and schooling in Claremont, and the one accredited museum on a highschool campus. See dinosaurs like “Joe” the newborn Parasaurolophus.

    T. rex at Western Science Center

    A southern California museum in Hemet, the place you possibly can find out about all of the dinosaurs studied by Western Science heart researchers within the Prehistoric Pathways exhibit. That features Dynamoterror, Invictarx, and Ornatops, all dinosaurs present in New Mexico. 

    T. rex at UC Museum of Paleontology

    In northern California on the Berkeley campus is UCMP, which does analysis, schooling, and outreach. The easiest way to see this museum is on CalDay, when the museum has excursions, lectures, and hands-on actions.

    Additional up north, in Rocklin, you possibly can try this museum’s Historical past of Life exhibit and Dinosauria gallery, which has a Hypsilophodont (discovered by a Sierra School professor), and an Apatosaurus.

    For extra museums, along with the dinosaur museums in California, try our map.