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6 Unusual Objects Cats Wish to Acquire & Why!


    cat surrounded by stuffed animals

    Cats are attention-grabbing animals that usually do issues that stay a thriller to us. One conduct that some cats have interaction in is amassing random objects. There’s but to be a concrete clarification for why cats will acquire, cover, or hoard sure objects. This conduct could also be linked to useful resource guarding, mothering instincts, or looking instincts.

    Whereas it is smart for cats to hoard and conceal meals and toys, some cats might develop a interest of amassing uncommon objects. Listed below are some issues that cats might find yourself amassing.

    Prime 6 Unusual Issues Cats Acquire:

    1. Jewellery

    a cat looking at the wedding rings_JumpStory

    Some cats might find yourself stealing and hoarding jewellery. It’s unclear as to why cats might take pleasure in jewellery, particularly as a result of they’re not keen on sporting them. Nevertheless, it’s doable that they’re interested in the shine and lightweight reflecting off them. Jewellery and valuable metals might have related results to laser pointers and lightweight that displays off mirrors. So, cats could be intrigued and interested in objects that sparkle.

    2. Bottlecaps

    blue and white bottlecaps
    Picture Credit score: Sebastian P, Unsplash

    Steel bottle caps can have an identical impact as jewellery. Some cats take pleasure in taking part in with plastic bottle caps which you can twist off of milk cartons and water bottles. Cats would possibly like this stuff as a result of they benefit from the sounds that they make. They make totally different noises after they’re dropped or slid throughout the ground. These sounds might sound much like bugs that cats might take pleasure in looking, like cicadas and crickets.

    I’ve had a cat that loved stealing milk caps. We’d must be very cautious with holding them in our arms at any time when we opened a milk carton, or she’d swipe them off our kitchen counter. She appeared to take pleasure in batting the caps and sliding them across the ground. She particularly liked when the cap had a tail hooked up to it, and he or she may spend a very long time taking part in with it.

    3. Rubber Bands

    rubber bands

    Cats might take pleasure in stealing rubber bands due to the chewy texture. Chewing is a pure conduct, and a few cats would possibly like chewing rubbery objects as a result of the feel is much like meat. Since rubber bands could be choking hazards, it’s finest to retailer them away in secure and unreachable locations to maintain your cat secure.

    Additionally, chewing on issues is regular for cats, and it shouldn’t trigger concern until it turns into a compulsive conduct. Extreme chewing can point out bodily or psychological well being points, like starvation or anxiousness.

    4. Cardboard Containers

    a cat in a cardboard box

    Cardboard packing containers might not be very useful to us, however many cats take pleasure in taking part in with cardboard packing containers and hiding in them. My cat loves cardboard packing containers, and you’ll see her getting visibly upset on rubbish assortment day. When it’s time to toss our packing containers within the recycle bin, we at all times have to recollect to depart one field for her.

    Cats can discover cardboard packing containers comforting as a result of they discover security in enclosed and dim areas. They could additionally take pleasure in scratching them and sinking their claws into them.

    5. Leaves and Paper

    crumpled paper

    Some cats would possibly take pleasure in amassing items of paper. You would possibly discover them taking part in with crumpled receipts and opened mail. Some cats would possibly like taking part in with and amassing dried leaves. The rationale for this can be much like the explanation why cats like bottle caps. The leaves and paper could make noises that mimic insect sounds.

    Cats may additionally like crinkly objects as a result of they sound and really feel like pure bedding. Whereas indoor cats typically benefit from the luxurious of sleeping in plush cat beds or human beds, wild cats sometimes make nests with pure objects like grass, feathers, and leaves. So, paper and dried leaves can really feel like snug nesting materials on your cat.

    6. Small Items of Plastic

    marker pen caps
    Picture Credit score: Instructor Picture, Shutterstock

    Cats can develop a behavior of amassing on a regular basis home goods like floss picks, jar lids, and pen caps. They could take pleasure in taking part in with small items of plastic as a result of they’ve a softer texture and may make some enjoyable noises.

    Cats may have the urge to gather, and plastic objects are comparatively gentle and straightforward to hold round, they usually’re often present in abundance.

    Is It Okay If My Cat Collects Issues?

    Gathering objects is regular conduct that some cats will have interaction in, and it’s not an enormous concern. Nevertheless, there are some instances when it needs to be addressed and prevented. Some cats can acquire issues as a consequence of anxiousness and useful resource guarding.

    For those who suspect your cat is amassing objects as a consequence of insecurity or one other underlying trigger, seek the advice of your veterinarian to diagnose the trigger. I as soon as requested my veterinarian about my cat stealing milk caps throughout a routine check-up, and he decided that the conduct was regular and made solutions for cat toys much like milk caps. You may as well work with a good cat behaviorist to determine the right way to assist your cat.

    Some cats might acquire objects which might be security hazards. Cats can simply choke on small objects, like cash and rubber bands. They will additionally get sick in the event that they eat sure plant leaves. You may attempt to discover safer options and cat toys which might be much like this stuff, and ensure to retailer these objects in secured areas.


    One in every of my favourite issues about having pet cats is discovering their distinctive and quirky habits and personalities. Not all my cats collected objects, and the one that loved to swipe milk caps was utterly wholesome and was most probably appearing out of curiosity and playfulness. Cats amassing random objects isn’t often an issue, however should you’re involved, you possibly can at all times converse together with your veterinarian or a cat behaviorist to find out one of the best ways to handle the conduct.

    Featured Picture credit score: Nikola Bacanek, Unsplash

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