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8 Doable Causes Why Your Cat Is All of a sudden Clingy


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    One of the vital fantastic issues about cats is their distinctive and various personalities. Some cats are simply pure lovebugs that by no means go away your facet (or your lap), whereas others have a extra unbiased streak. In case your cat isn’t normally the clingy sort and abruptly turns into overly affectionate or needy, it may be stunning and even worrisome.

    There are numerous the reason why your usually aloof cat may abruptly change into joined on the hip with you starting from chilly climate to sickness. On this submit, we’ll discover eight potential causes of sudden clinginess.

    The 8 Doable Causes Your Cat Is All of a sudden Clingy

    1. It’s Chilly Out

    One of many easiest explanations for an unbiased cat abruptly spending evenings snuggled in your lap is that it’s beginning to get chilly exterior. We will attest to this as a result of right here at Hepper, we have now a cat that solely ever sits on our lap when the climate will get colder. For the remainder of the 12 months, the mentioned cat is means too cool to snuggle up with us however when fall hits, this modifications very abruptly.

    Cats are wired to hunt out heat, so if the temperature exterior has dropped just lately, don’t be shocked in case your unbiased cat begins to take a seat on or sleep with you abruptly.

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    2. Your Feminine Cat Is in Warmth

    If you happen to’re new to cat parenting, it may be fairly a shock when your feminine cat first goes into warmth. Throughout this time, it’s regular for them to change into excessively vocal, clingy, and determined on your consideration even when they’re not normally like this. They might change into extra cuddly than traditional, rub up in opposition to you, roll round, or continually deal with you to a “pleasant” view of their rear finish.

    3. Your Cat Is Sick

    Sickness and underlying well being points could make a cat extra clingy than traditional. One situation that may make a cat excessively clingy is cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), which suggests the cerebellar has not developed because it ought to. Along with changing into clingy, your cat could have issues preserving their stability and could also be disoriented.

    In case your cat is feeling unwell for any purpose, they could go to you for consolation or to attempt to sign to you that one thing is unsuitable. In case your cat appears extra drained than traditional or is displaying different signs of sickness in addition to clinginess, we suggest getting them checked out by a vet.

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    4. Your Cat Is Afraid

    In some circumstances, concern could make a normally unbiased cat rush to their proprietor for security and luxury. If it’s the 4th of July, for instance, chances are you’ll discover your cat change into extra clingy than traditional or spot them hanging out nearer to you as a result of the sounds of fireworks are making them nervous.

    5. There’s Been a Change in Routine

    Cats are sticklers for routine, and any change in theirs may cause stress. You will have moved home, welcomed a brand new child, adopted a brand new pet, and even simply rearranged your property or invited a brand new particular person for dinner—all of those can contribute to a cat requiring extra reassurance and help than traditional.

    New pets particularly could trigger your cat to change into extra demanding of your consideration as they could really feel threatened by the potential of their new “buddy” taking your consideration away from them.

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    6. Your Cat Has Suffered Trauma

    In case your cat has just lately had an accident or skilled one other traumatic occasion, they could undergo from emotional trauma—feline PTSD, if you’ll. Traumatized cats could act in a wide range of alternative ways, however clinginess is one doable impact.

    Your cat could demand extra of your consideration than traditional by pawing at you or sticking extra carefully to you than they used to. They do that as a means of searching for consolation and reassurance. Please converse to your vet should you suspect that your cat has been emotionally traumatized.

    7. You’re Pregnant

    It seems that cats could also be extra tuned into modifications in our our bodies and feelings than we expect. In accordance with Healthline, cats will greater than doubtless discover issues like modifications in your exercise ranges, moods, conduct, and even physique temperature whenever you’re pregnant, however how they react is dependent upon the person cat.

    Some pregnant pet dad and mom have reported that their cats have change into extra protecting, attentive, and clingy. Conversely, some cats have been stressed by the change and have taken to damaging behaviors like peeing exterior the litter field or destroying furnishings.

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    Picture Credit score: Vlada Karpovich, Pexels

    8. You’re Down within the Dumps

    Since cats are fairly intuitive on the subject of human feelings, they are able to sense whenever you’re unwell or are feeling a bit blue. If this describes you proper now and your cat has abruptly began sitting on you, spending extra time with you, and even simply you extra, it’s doable that they’re attempting to consolation you.


    So, there we have now it—eight doable the reason why your cat has abruptly change into your little shadow. They could possibly be behaving this fashion as a consequence of modifications of their surroundings, modifications in you, feeling fearful or anxious, or as a consequence of feeling unwell. If you happen to’re involved about your cat’s sudden clingy conduct, please seek the advice of your vet to ensure an underlying well being challenge isn’t inflicting it.

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