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Black Bulbuls in Hong Kong


    Black Bulbul. Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve 15 February 2023

    These images have been taken by AJP two weeks in the past in Tai Po Kau reserve in Hong Kong. Since there have been heaps it needs to be assumed this was an irruption yr. Lately small numbers could also be seen in Tai Po Kau however often there’s a large inflow from the north in winter; different years there are none to be discovered. Throughout an irruption Black Bulbuls will be seen all through Hong Kong.

    I can bear in mind the joy of seeing Black Bulbuls for the primary time—within the College of Hong Kong compound. That was in February-March 1967. The Fowl Report for that yr famous:

    The early a part of the yr produced what was most likely the largest irruption of this species in Hong Kong ever recorded.

    The primary have been seen on 7 January 1967 however flocks of as much as greater than 90 have been seen in February. They stayed till properly into March with the final reported sighting on 25 March.

    Within the college compound, earlier than it was ruined by over-development, it was comparatively simple to get a great view. The tops of the timber the place they have been dwelling reached the extent of a footpath by the library.

    In these days the Black Bulbul dwelling in Hong Kong was thought to be a subspecies of Hypsipetes madagascariensis. Now it thought of a full species, Hypsipetes leucocephalus, one described by Johan Friedrich Gmelin in 1789. Solely absolutely grownup birds have s utterly white head.