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Can Cats Get Hooked on Treats, Meals, or Catnip?


    maine coon cat having treat

    There are numerous issues to recollect in relation to caring for a cat. Not solely do you have to bear in mind what they will and might’t eat, however you also needs to have in mind the potential addictions or obsessions they will develop.

    Treats and meals can each grow to be harmful addictions for our favourite felines. However, regardless of utilizing catnip as a technique to set off catnip highs in cats, it’s utterly protected and non-addictive.

    Meals, treats, and catnip all carry particular person dangers and it’s essential to think about the entire potential downsides to overusing your cat’s favourite issues. This information comprises all the pieces it’s worthwhile to learn about addictions to meals and treats, and how one can use catnip safely.

    Can Cats Grow to be Hooked on Meals or Treats?

    In some unspecified time in the future, all of us have given into our cat’s large eyes and demanding meows and handed over a deal with. Perhaps it’s as a result of they haven’t had a deal with for some time or it’s simply to get some peace. Nevertheless, cats can grow to be hooked on their treats. The extra you give them, the extra they’ll crave.

    This isn’t simply restricted to treats. Your cat may be simply as susceptible to creating an habit to their dry meals too. Whereas dry cat meals is designed to be extra nutritionally balanced than treats, your cat is perhaps more than pleased to complete off all the bag in a single sitting if you happen to allow them to.

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    The way to Inform if Your Cat Is Obsessed With Meals

    Your cat may not have the ability to demand meals like your hungry toddler calls for cookies, however they use comparable techniques to get their method. More often than not, these strategies are efficient too. We’ll inevitably get so pissed off by their antics and fixed pestering that we’ll give them a deal with simply to distract them.


    Plenty of toddlers get grouchy after they don’t get their very own method and a few cats are the identical method. In the event you do handle to disregard their begging for a deal with, you would possibly discover that your normally mild-mannered kitty grumbles at you much more. They could additionally swat the deal with out of your hand or snatch it out of your fingers once you do give them one.


    Strolling up and down the hall or working forwards and backwards between you and the deal with cabinet is your cat’s method of getting your consideration. Whereas all of us love some cat cuddles, typically it’s apparent your cat has ulterior motives. That is very true if their relentless pacing leads you proper to the door of their deal with cabinet.

    Scratching on the Deal with Cabinet

    Cats aren’t as daft as lots of people assume. They know precisely the place you retain their meals even when they will’t get to it. One signal of potential meals habit is that if your cat by no means wanders removed from the cabinet you retain the treats in. They’ll scratch or paw on the door in an try to persuade you to provide them a snack.

    Some significantly good felines would possibly even work out how one can open the cabinet themselves if it’s not secured.


    Maybe essentially the most annoying behavior our cats develop after they’re after one thing is being obnoxiously loud. If you’re attempting to observe your favourite TV present or get some work achieved, the incessant, high-pitched meowing is grating.

    Sadly, giving your cat a deal with to persuade them to be quiet solely encourages the conduct. The extra occasions you give in, the extra probably they’re to make extra noise to demand meals.

    The way to Cease Your Cat’s Dependancy to Treats

    Treats ought to solely make up about 10% of your cat’s food plan. Your cat’s favourite biscuits ought to by no means grow to be a serious a part of their food plan as a result of lack of vitamins within the recipe and the danger of overfeeding. Happily, there are a number of methods in which you’ll be able to break your cat’s habit to treats, it’ll simply take some dedication:

    cat being fed a cat treat or cat food by hand
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    Computerized Feeders

    Designed to provide your cat meals at set intervals all through the day, automated feeders additionally benefit from instructing your cat to not affiliate people with meals. It’d take some time, however your cat will ultimately be taught to not anticipate meals from you everytime you enter a room.

    Computerized feeders additionally allow you to maintain cat meals out of attain as an alternative of leaving it out in an open bowl throughout non-feeding hours. It will assist your cat be taught that they get fed at sure occasions of the day quite than after they demand it.

    Ignore Begging

    That is simpler stated than achieved, particularly when our cat’s massive, heartbroken eyes come into play. Ignoring their conduct is a vital a part of breaking their habit to treats although. The extra you supply them treats to get them to depart you alone, the extra you’re reinforcing the conduct.

    In case your cat calls for meals, don’t give in. They need to solely get a deal with to reward good conduct like taking drugs or as a one-off deal with as a pleasant change.

    Go to Your Veterinarian

    Typically, it’s not the treats which are the issue. Your cat is perhaps affected by an underlying medical situation meaning they’re not getting sufficient vitamins of their food plan. Your cat might be affected by well being issues like diabetes, parasites, or thyroid points.

    One of many greatest warning indicators for potential well being points is that if your cat’s conduct about meals modifications abruptly. Organize an appointment together with your veterinarian to rule out any potential medical-related points your cat might have.

    Can Cats Grow to be Hooked on Catnip?

    A member of the mint household, catnip comprises a chemical that’s well-known to set off pleasure, sleepiness, drooling, or elevated purring in some cats. In case your cat is without doubt one of the many who reacts to catnip, you is perhaps apprehensive about them creating an habit to the herb. Nevertheless, regardless of making some cats go loopy, catnip is totally non-addictive. Your cat is extra more likely to grow to be resistant to the results of catnip if it’s used too typically.

    Some cats additionally don’t react to catnip in any respect. Kittens lower than six months previous and senior cats are the least more likely to react to the results of catnip. There are additionally numerous grownup cats between these ages that hardly react to catnip in any respect, whether or not as a result of they’re immune or simply not inclined to the results.

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    What Are the Dangers of Catnip?

    Usually, catnip is totally protected for cats, particularly when it’s utilized in moderation. As with most issues, nevertheless, there are some dangers it is best to have in mind if you happen to give your cat catnip.

    One of many greatest points is utilizing an excessive amount of catnip. Overdosing is unlikely to be deadly however it might probably trigger diarrhea, dizziness, lack of coordination, or vomiting. Catnip can even trigger aggression in some cats or make aggressive cats final out extra towards you and different pets.

    In these instances, giving your cat much less catnip—or none in any respect in case your cat is aggressive—is commonly sufficient to get them again to regular.

    The way to Use Catnip Safely

    As non-addictive and non-toxic catnip is perhaps, it’s nonetheless essential to make use of it correctly. Each to make sure your cat will get essentially the most out of their catnip excessive and to maintain them protected.

    Alter the Dosage

    There are a number of methods to make use of catnip. Contemporary, dried, as a sprig, or stuffed in a toy. The dosage in every case can differ. Contemporary catnip, for instance, will probably be lots stronger than the dried type so that you’ll want much less to entice a response. Concentrated catnip oils may even be much more potent than diluted choices or the dried leaves in cat toys.

    Monitor Reactions

    Not all cats react to catnip nevertheless it’s nonetheless essential that you just don’t go away them unattended across the herb. Don’t let your self get too distracted by your cat’s excessive although, you need to make sure that they’re not getting too excited by the herb. In case your cat will get too hyperactive round catnip, it’s is perhaps an indication that the dosage you give them wants adjusting.

    Observing how they react to catnip additionally helps you be certain your cat doesn’t grow to be aggressive after they come into contact with it.

    As soon as a Week

    Whereas a catnip excessive is entertaining for each us and our cat, it solely lasts between 5–quarter-hour. Because it’s really easy to your cat to get uninterested in the substance, it’s essential to not overuse catnip. For one of the best outcomes, restrict your cat’s interplay with the herb to as soon as per week quite than an on a regular basis deal with.


    An excessive amount of of a great factor may be detrimental to your cat’s well being. Overdoing the quantity of meals and treats you give your cat can lead to weight problems which will increase your cat’s danger of diabetes and different well being points. Catnip can even trigger abdomen upset in case your cat eats an excessive amount of of it, or your cat would possibly grow to be resistant to the results altogether.

    We hope this information helped you determine in case your cat is hooked on their meals, how one can repair the issue, and likewise how one can use catnip responsibly.

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