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Creator of Iconic ‘Rainbow Bridge’ Poem Lastly Revealed


    The “Rainbow Bridge” poem is iconic. Each pet lover that has liked and misplaced an expensive pet member of the family has possible seen this poem – on the vet’s workplace, from a good friend, in a card or e mail maybe? What you might not have seen is that the creator of the poem was at all times thought of “nameless,” that’s, till now because of a person named Paul Koudounaris.

    Paul, an artwork historian and creator from Tucson, Arizona, spent a decade researching and verifying the poem’s authorship earlier than discovering its true creator, Edna Clyne-Rekhy.

    The Historical past of “Rainbow Bridge”

    Edna Clyne-Rekhy, now 82 years previous, is a Scottish artist and animal lover. She has lastly been credited with authoring the beloved poem ‘Rainbow Bridge’ because of the detective work of Paul Koudounaris. The poem has been the supply of consolation for thousands and thousands of pet dad and mom all over the world.

    She wrote the poem again in 1959, as a technique to grieve her canine, a Labrador Retriever named Main. When she was 19, Main died in her arms and Edna was devastated by the loss. She expressed her intense grief to her mom who then prompted Edna to write down her emotions down, hoping it’d assist with the sense of loss.

    She stored the poem largely to herself and shared it with just a few mates. These mates have been so touched by the poem that Edna hand-typed out a number of copies for them however didn’t title herself because the creator – by no means imagining that there was a necessity. Till now, Edna had no data that since 1959, her poem has traveled all over the world providing consolation and hope to pet house owners all over the place. Her poem even captured the eye of Abigail Van Buren of the uber-popular “Pricey Abby” column within the U.S. the place “Rainbow Bridge” was posted in a “Pricey Abby” column in 1994.

    Paul Koudounaris’ Instagram Account Breaking The Information

    When Paul lastly found that Edna was the creator and contacted her, she was in disbelief:

    “I’m completely surprised,” she says. “I’m nonetheless in a state of shock.”

    You see, astonishingly, Edna had no concept that her poem, written greater than 60 years in the past had traveled the globe and comforted thousands and thousands of pet house owners. How is that doable, you may marvel…? Edna had moved away from Scotland to an olive farm in India and had no concept.

    If it weren’t for the tireless effort of Paul Koudounaris, we’d by no means know who the creator was.

    “‘Rainbow Bridge’ gives the lacking piece for individuals who have needed to reside with this anxiousness that their animal isn’t adequate to deserve an afterlife,” Koudounaris says. “It offers us a motive to hope.”


    The Rainbow Bridge Poem by Edna Clyne-Rekhy

    Simply this aspect of heaven is a spot known as Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been particularly near somebody right here, your pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our particular mates to allow them to run and play collectively. There’s loads of meals, water, and sunshine, and mates are heat and comfy. All of the animals who’ve been ailing and previous are restored to well being and energy, those that have been harm are made higher and powerful once more, like we keep in mind them earlier than they go to heaven. They’re completely satisfied and content material aside from one small factor—they every miss somebody very particular to them who needed to be left behind. All of them run and play collectively, however the day comes when one all of a sudden stops and appears into the space. His brilliant eyes are shining, his physique shakes. Immediately he begins to run from the herd, dashing over the grass, his legs carrying him quicker and quicker, and once you and your particular good friend lastly meet, you cuddle in a cheerful hug by no means to be aside once more. You and your pet are in tears. Your fingers once more cuddle his head and also you look once more into his trusting eyes, so lengthy gone from life, however by no means absent out of your coronary heart, and you then cross the Rainbow Bridge collectively.

    So why has this poem turn out to be iconic amongst pet dad and mom all over the place? Paul Koudounaris speculates that it has one thing to do with faith and that some religions didn’t or don’t imagine animals have souls and subsequently, couldn’t go to heaven:

    “‘Rainbow Bridge’ gives the lacking piece for individuals who have needed to reside with this anxiousness that their animal isn’t adequate to deserve an afterlife,” Koudounaris says. “It offers us a motive to hope.”

    “Rainbow Bridge” offered the peace of mind that pet house owners wanted to really feel that their deep reference to their pets would reside on, one way or the other, someplace a way. And it nonetheless does so to today.

    An article was featured in Nationwide Geographic on February 22, 2023 when you’d wish to learn extra about it. Additionally try the unique story and murals historian Paul Koudounaris on his Instagram account (@hexenkult).  Thanks to Paul Koudounaris for locating the creator… and an enormous thanks to Edna Clyne-Rekhy for giving the world such a stupendous present.