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Dragonfly Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


    Jewel-colored and acrobatic, dragonflies seize the eye with their whizzing flight and have lengthy impressed artwork, poetry and fantasy. These flying bugs are characterised by their lengthy slender our bodies, typically sensible colours, gossamer-like wings, and enormous compound eyes. (1)

    From Japanese folklore to Native American mythology, the dragonfly’s ethereal magnificence is a supply of surprise and reverence. In fashionable occasions, these flashy bugs are very often used as motifs in artwork and vogue. Regardless of its seemingly ubiquitous impression, although, the dragonfly is definitely experiencing a pointy inhabitants decline on account of the disappearance of wetland habitats across the globe. (2)

    Whether or not the dragonfly’s vibrant physique and frenzied flight had enchanted you, or whether or not you might be merely questioning what will be discovered from a latest encounter with considered one of these fascinating bugs, learn on to find the distinctive symbolism, folklore traditions, and virtues related with the dragonfly!

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    Dragonfly symbolism and which means

    Dragonflies are born within the water. Their moms lay eggs in recent water which hatch into aquatic bugs known as “nymphs” or “naiads.” On this kind, dragonflies stalk the water, voraciously looking different bugs, small fish, and even different dragonfly nymphs. For big species, the nymph stage can final for so long as 5 years and should embrace a number of completely different phases. Of their totally metamorphosed dragonfly varieties, nonetheless, dragonflies stay for just a few months at most. (3)

    Dragonflies might signify, development, transformation, impermanence, ephemerality, or adolescence. As a result of dragonflies, each as nymphs and as adults, are such prolific hunters, dragonflies can also be related with acuity, agility, and ferocity.


    “At present I noticed the dragonfly / Come from the wells the place he did lie. / An inside impulse hire the veil / Of his previous husk: from head to tail / Got here out clear plates of sapphire mail. / He dried his wings: like gauze they grew; / Thro’ crofts and pastures moist with dew / A dwelling flash of sunshine he flew.”

    — Alfred, Lord Tennyson “The Dragonfly” (4)

    Dragonflies are sometimes born in the summertime and are most frequently discovered close to the waterways and marshes the place they’re born. so, dragonflies are sometimes related to the summer season season in addition to nostalgia for the “halcyon days” of youth that one associates with summer season.

    Dragonflies mate by assuming a posture which is called the “coronary heart” or “wheel” posture. The male clasps the feminine’s head, and he or she curls her stomach beneath her to kind a form which appears to be like a bit like a closed circle or a coronary heart. On this posture, dragonflies could also be seen both flying or perched. Due to this, dragonflies are generally related with romance, eroticism, or lust. (5)

    Dragonfly Native American symbolism

    A number of Native American tribes think about the dragonfly to be a sacred or auspicious animal. Dragonflies are sometimes related with medication and therapeutic. (6

    In some tribes, the dragonfly is related with the aspect of water and is assumed to represent the approaching of much-needed rain. Amongst different tribes, dragonflies are used as symbols of safety and invincibility. (7)

    native american silhouette

    In accordance with Zuni mythology, the dragonfly was a messenger of the gods. On this fantasy, a younger boy and his sister have been left behind by their tribe when arduous occasions got here and the individuals selected to seek for a brand new land. The boy’s sister was distraught at having been deserted so callously, and neither little one knew how they might handle to outlive on their very own. Desirous to console his heartbroken sister, the boy crafted a doll out of corn and grass. The doll was insect-shaped and sprung to life as quickly because the boy had made it. The doll instructed the kids that he was a messenger of the gods and that the 2 have been destined to be nice leaders. When the woman grew unwell, the corn insect flew away to get assist from the gods and was capable of restore her to well being. He helped the 2 youngsters discover meals and develop robust whereas the land recovered till ultimately all was inexperienced once more and the tribe which had left them returned. The boy and his sister turned smart leaders. The corn insect was lonely and requested the boy to make one other of his sort. The boy agreed and from the 2 corn dolls got here the primary dragonflies. From that day forth, the Zuni individuals held the dragonfly to be a messenger of the gods and a sacred image of summer season, safety, and life-giving rain. (8)(9)

    Dragonfly Christianity symbolism

    Dragonflies should not current within the Bible, however the Christian symbolism of those bugs may be discovered within the lovely methods by which they rework from one thing plain and hidden to one thing vibrant which catches the sunshine. That is symbolic to Christians within the sense of turning into reworked and colourful when the sunshine of Lord Jesus shines upon them.


    Matthew 5:14-16 states:

    “You’re the mild of the world. A metropolis on a hill can’t be hidden. Neither do individuals mild a lamp and conceal it underneath the bowl. As an alternative, they put it on a stand so its mild will be shone upon everyone in order that the sunshine can shine and illuminate everybody. In the identical approach, let your mild shine upon males. Allow them to see and reward your good deeds. You, in flip, reward the Father in heaven.” (10)

    Additional symbolic meanings for the dragonfly may embrace heaven and the afterlife. Dragonflies spend a lot of their lives in murky water, seemingly by no means understanding how brilliant the world above them will be. When the rework, they emerge into a brand new world full of sunshine and colour. (11

    Dragonfly Celtic symbolism

    In Celtic traditions, dragonflies symbolize femininity, magnificence, rebirth, and transitions. The parable of the Wooing of Etain is an Irish story which features a lovely jewel-colored fly which begins as water, turns into a worm, after which turns into a ‘fly’ earlier than being reborn as a girl. The wooing of Etain follows the tail of an otherworldly gentleman named Midir who’s enchanted by the fantastic thing about a younger maiden named Etain. When Midir is wounded on the dwelling of his foster son, he’s given Etain in marriage as reimbursement for his harm. Midir and Etain love one another deeply, however Midir’s first spouse is deeply jealous and is presented in witchcraft and sorcery. Out of spite, she transforms Etain right into a pool of water, however Midir retains this water by his aspect nonetheless. Then she transforms her right into a worm, however Midir treasures the worm as nicely. Lastly, Etain is made into an enormous jewel-colored fly which Midir cherishes. The witch is so offended that she conjures an excellent wind to blow Etain away from Midir. On this kind, Etain is blown into the goblet of her personal mom who by accident drinks the fly. From this, Etain’s mom turns into pregnant and offers start to Etain anew. After a lot hardship, Midir finds and reclaims his bride. (12)

    celtic cross

    Thus, the dragonfly is deeply related with the cycle of loss of life and rebirth. To be with Midir once more, Etain should stay by way of the life cycles of the dragonfly earlier than lastly expiring in an effort to be reborn. Dragonflies signify life’s cycles and the transitions between every of them. (13)

    Dragonfly in desires

    Dreaming of the dragonfly represents development and alter. To dream of considered one of these fascinating bugs signifies {that a} main interval of change is one the horizon. Embrace your development and settle for the challenges that may include it. (14

    Dragonflies can also signify greater data. From the watery depths of the marsh, a dragonfly nymph has no approach of understanding what awaits it within the sky above. The sunshine and colour of the dragonfly signifies the enlightenment that’s achieved once we enable ourselves to be reworked.


    A dragonfly dream can also relate to the concern and dread related to mortality. Most of a dragonfly’s life is spent getting ready to remodel into the gorgeous whizzing creature which all of us acknowledge. As soon as dragonflies assume this type, although, they’re confronted with the quick want to breed earlier than dying inside a span of just some months. A dragonfly dream might point out concern surrounding the brevity and impression of 1’s personal lifespan. (15)

    Dragonfly encounters and omens

    Dragonfly encounters are sometimes seen pretty much as good luck, nonetheless previous European superstitions really join them with misfortune and hazard. Known as the “Satan’s Darning Needle” in some traditions, dragonflies have been considered assistants to snakes or to the satan himself. Previous myths even state that dragonflies might sew shut the mouths of unlucky passersby utilizing their needle-like our bodies. (16)

    After all, dragonflies are innocent, however they might nonetheless signify unhealthy luck or superstition to some.


    As a result of dragonflies are so vibrant and metallic-colored, a dragonfly encounter may signify future monetary successes. (17)

    Dragonfly mythology and folklore

    Dragonflies are sometimes discovered depicted on tombs, amulets, and charms kind historical Egypt. Adorning tombs, dragonflies have been meant to help within the transition between the worlds of the dwelling and the lifeless. Historic Egyptians believed that the Nile was a barrier which separated life and loss of life. As bugs which have been deeply tied with the river’s waters, the Dragonfly symbolized loss of life, rebirth, and renewal. For historical Egyptians, loss of life was not essentially a darkish factor and the afterlife was thought to bean necessary and exquisite stage of 1’s life.

    zeus statue

    In Japan, the dragonfly is a beloved and vital image. They’re related with autumn and with the mythological first emperor of Japan, Jimmu. In accordance with legend, Jimmu as soon as mentioned that the dominion of Japan was formed like two dragonflies mating. So, Japan was generally known as Akitsu-shima or “dragonfly island.” (18)

    As beforehand said, American and European folklore associates dragonflies with witches and the satan. (19)(20)

    Dragonfly spirit animal

    If the dragonfly is your spirit animal then you might be a late bloomer. Folks with the dragonfly as their spirit animal want a lot of time to develop and alter earlier than they’re able to stay as their true selves.

    With persistence, time, and expertise, although, the dragonfly spirit is ready to emerge as its lovely and genuine self. Folks with the dragonfly spirit animal are sociable, centered, and impressive. (21)

    The dragonfly spirit animal understands that life is brief and that, in an effort to actually get pleasure from all of its items, one should seize the day and stay fearlessly within the second. Folks with this spirit animal could seem additional spontaneous to buddies and family members who’re extra routine-oriented.

    Dragonfly totem animal

    The dragonfly totem animal refers to spirituality and therapeutic. Folks with this totem animal are inclined to have robust relationships with their very own spirituality and are pushed by their non secular beliefs.

    Looking for solutions concerning the universe is only one pastime of the dragonfly totem animal.


    It’s by way of non secular exploration that the dragonfly totem animal heals, renews, and rejuvenates itself. Folks with this totem animal can keenly sense the trauma of others and will be deeply empathetic in the direction of the person non secular journeys that everybody undertakes. (22)

    Dragonfly energy animal

    The dragonfly energy animal is related to imaginative and prescient. One of the sunning options of the dragonfly is its giant compound eyes. Folks with the dragonfly as their energy animal are gifted with distinctive readability and use their expertise for foresight to decide on the wisest plan of action.


    With the unbelievable imaginative and prescient of the dragonfly, the dragonfly energy animal is ready to be a inventive muse and encourage artists, poets, and musicians to create distinctive masterpieces. In visible arts and vogue, particularly, the dragonfly is a strong guiding pressure. (23)

    Dragonfly tattoo which means

    In most eventualities, dragonfly tattoos symbolize change and transformation. Seeing a dragonfly is symbolic of getting one’s desires come true. It additionally implies that optimistic change or transformation is on the horizon. . 

    To a warrior and fighter, a dragonfly tattoo represents agility, energy, velocity, victory, and braveness. It additionally symbolizes rebirth, immortality, transformation, adaptation, and non secular awakening. 

    woman getting a tattoo

    In lots of Asian international locations, dragonfly tattoos are a logo of prosperity, good luck, and concord. A Japanese dragonfly tattoo might signify Japan itself or the mythological Emperor Jimmu.

    Dragonflies symbolize many things- and as with most symbols, the which means and interpretation of a dragonfly tattoo can change. Due to this fact, it is very important talk about your imaginative and prescient with a tattoo artist. Ask your tattoo artist to depict the dragonfly with delicate fantastic traces, gossamer-thin and opalescent wings, and slender physique. If potential, ask to see pattern images of dragonfly tattoos – this shouldn’t be too tough since dragonflies are a frequent topic of tattoo artwork.


    Dragonfly symbolism is a supply of sunshine, colour, inspiration, and pleasure. Name upon the dragonfly to fill your life with colour and to remind you to soak in all of life’s magnificence earlier than your time on earth is delivered to an finish. The dragonfly is a poignant reminder that life is a rising course of and that this journey is outlined by the numerous modifications which all of us endure on a near-constant foundation.