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Drongo Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit, & Omens)


    Drongo, to many Australians, is a phrase meaning “fool,” “idiot,” or “incompetent.” Satirically, although, this insult derives from a chook whose mind shouldn’t be but totally understood by science however might ultimately redefine the bounds of avian intelligence. The drongo household is a household of passerines, or perching birds, that are widespread in Australia, Africa, South and Central Asia, and the Pacific Islands. As one in all Asia’s commonest birds, the drongo is beloved by many for its intelligent mimicry, typically stunning voice, and tendency to eat pest bugs. (1)

    Drongo Symbolism and That means

    The drongo will be related with many fantastic traits, however first let’s study why this chook has turn into synonymous with stupidity in Australia. As a matter of truth, this insult shouldn’t be the fault of the drongo in any respect! Within the Twenties an Australian racehorse with a powerful pedigree was given the title “Drongo,” maybe due to the pace and agility that these birds exhibit. Whereas initially well-performing, Drongo the racehorse was “at all times the bridesmaid and by no means the bride.” Over the course of the Twenties, this horse competed in thirty-seven races, typically inserting or displaying however by no means managing a single win. Was Drongo a horrible horse? Clearly not, however the affiliation of the drongo with failure persists to this present day. (2)

    Satirically, one of many principal options of the drongo chook is mind. The “principle of thoughts” refers back to the human potential to know that different beings expertise totally different psychological states. Some researchers counsel that drongos might possess this potential on account of a very mischievous conduct for which they’re recognized. Drongos are thieves. They’re typically noticed utilizing their spectacular repertoire of mimicked sounds and calls to imitate the alarm calls of different animals, inflicting these animals to desert their foraged meals and permitting the scheming drongo to swoop in and snatch its prize. Drongos in Africa are recognized to have as much as fifty-one totally different alarm calls at their disposal which they use to stop their goal from catching on to the false alarms. This implies some understanding of the truth that different animals can acclimate to those alarms in addition to an understanding of how and why alarm calls operate. Drongos are related to cleverness, trickery, thievery, empathy, mimicry, and self-awareness. Whereas the drongo title might sound foolish, in the case of mind, these birds are heavy hitters. (3)

    Drongo in Tree
    Picture by Sonika Agarwal on Unsplash

    Drongos primarily feed off of bugs. This weight-reduction plan has triggered the drongo to develop distinctive relationships with people primarily based on the context. Beekeepers typically deal with drongos as pests, since these birds will fortunately devour bees together with different bugs. For farmers, although, drongos are welcome helpers who regulate pest insect populations. Some farmers even present perches to encourage drongos of their fields. So, the drongo can symbolize the complexity of humanity’s relationship with nature and the symbiotic relationships that may be fashioned with members of the animal kingdom. (4)

    Lastly, drongos are recognized for his or her pugilistic tendencies in the case of defending their nesting territories. Drongos fiercely defend nesting territories in opposition to intruders of all types. Birds of prey, hungry foxes or jackals, or another harmful intruder is bound to be met with a flurry of dives and pecks when venturing too near a drongo’s nest website. This tendency has led to an fascinating sample whereby extra pacifistic birds, reminiscent of doves, will typically choose to nest close to drongos. They profit from the protectiveness of the drongo. This relationship has impressed the nickname “Kotwal” which5) is Hindi for “police officer,” for drongos in components of India. As a result of different birds depend on the drongo’s ferocity, some myths deal with the drongo as protector or king of the birds. The drongo represents braveness, vigilance, safety, fearlessness, and altruism. (5)

    Drongo Native American Symbolism

    Drongos aren’t discovered within the Americas, so they don’t seem in Native American mythic traditions. In lots of traditions, although, birds who mimic different birds are featured as intelligent tricksters.

    Drongo Christianity Symbolism

    Whereas not a biblically important image, the drongo’s tendency to attract in peaceable birds and defend them alongside its personal nesting website is harking back to the Christian worth of the nice shepherd who protects and guides the flock of believers.

    The drongo’s mimicry and thievery, nevertheless, may join this chook with dishonesty and criminality.

    Drongo Celtic Symbolism

    Drongos aren’t current within the areas the place the Celtic cultures developed.

    Drongo in Goals

    Dreaming of a drongo might point out that one feels defensive or anxious. A drongo dream might imply that you simply really feel drawn to guard your self in opposition to outsiders whom you understand as a menace to all that you’ve got constructed. Standing up for your self and others is a good factor, however don’t neglect to loosen up on occasion and discover a option to belief in others. Not everyone seems to be out to hurt you.

    Dreaming of a drongo may also point out that one feels manipulated by others. Just like the African drongo species which sound the alarm as a way to earn a simple meal, any person in your life is likely to be manipulating your feelings for their very own profit. Attempt to keep level-headed and real looking emotional responses to the conditions that come up, and you’ll be immune to those kinds of schemes.

    Close up Drongo
    Picture by Sonika Agarwal on Unsplash

    Drongo Encounters and Omens

    Encountering a drongo is usually a signal to calm down and let go of concern. Sure species of drongo spend their days continually firing off alarm calls and “crying wolf” over nothing. Keep in mind that not each minor disaster is a 5 alarm hearth. Method conditions with as a lot calm as you’ll be able to muster and never even the drongo’s mimicry will be capable of work you right into a frenzy.

    Though many drongo birds use their “energy” for sneaky functions, the ability to know the psychological and emotional states of others is a reasonably spectacular one. Encountering a drongo would possibly point out a possibility to train and develop one’s empathy and emotional intelligence. These expertise are useful in interpersonal relationships and will be vital for self-actualization.

    Drongo in Mythology & Folklore

    Drongos seem in a variety of world myths as characters that vary from overly assured tricksters to benevolent rulers of the dominion of birds.

    Aboriginal Mythology:

    The Spangled Drongo is the hero of 1 Aborginal “Dreamtime” story. On this story, all the birds of the world as soon as gathered across the nice sleeping Rainbow Serpent. The serpent emitted the heat and warmth of day and the birds had been terribly chilly. Though the Rainbow Serpent was heat, the birds couldn’t get too shut, as a result of he would swat them along with his tail. So, one after the other, the birds tried to steal Rainbow Serpent’s hearth to convey themselves sufficient heat to share. They every failed at this activity till, determined, the birds begged the intelligent Spangled Drongo for an answer. Fearless, Spangled Drongo rushed in direction of Rainbow Serpent and, earlier than the serpent might wake from his nap, Spangled Drongo stole the wooden that fed his flame. Because the drongo made his escape, Rainbow Serpent awoke and lashed his tail on the thieving chook. To this present day, the Spangled Drongo has a notch in his tail the place the serpent lashed it. Because of Spangled Drongo’s daring plan, the birds had been heat sufficient to outlive. Irritated by their interference, Rainbow Serpent left his napping place and introduced the sunshine and warmth of dawn to the world. (6)

    Drongo with nest material
    Picture by Sonika Agarwal on Unsplash

    African Mythology:

    This fantasy is presupposed to have originated in Madagascar, nevertheless sources differ on its actual origin and authenticity:

    “There was an awesome hearth in God’s kingdom, and He despatched all of the birds to place it out. Nonetheless, solely the bat was profitable—he beat the flame out along with his giant wings (which can be how he misplaced his feathers). The drongo, who was pure white, lined himself with ashes and hurried again to God earlier than the bat might get there. He mentioned, “I put out the hearth. Take a look at how black I’m.” God was happy and made him the king of birds. The bat arrived quickly after, however God didn’t imagine that he had put out the hearth. The bat was understandably indignant, and declared that he would without end flip his rear to God. To this present day, the drongo is thought to be a intelligent chook, and the bat stays the other way up.” (7)

    Indian Mythology:

    One Indian legend describes how the Higher Racket-tailed Drongo efficiently grew to become the king of birds. In accordance with this story, the drongo was as soon as a way more plain-looking chook with a brief tail. Unhappy, this drongo wished to be essentially the most good-looking chook round. Someday, the drongo met a mouse who wished to be essentially the most good-looking mammal on the planet. The 2 creatures determined that they might assist one another obtain their goals. To assist the drongo, the mouse gave the drongo a protracted tail similar to his personal, and plucked additional feathers to cowl it. The drongo was delighted, however he quickly realized that he might be essentially the most stunning animal of all with this new tail. When the time got here to return the favor and assist the mouse, the drongo plucked the hair from the mouse’s tail and flew away, leaving the mouse with an unpleasant hairless tail. A gathering of all of the birds was held, and due to his misleading trick, the drongo was declared the king of birds. As a result of he fears retaliation from the mouse, the Higher Racket-tailed Drongo likes to sleep on the tops of thorny timber to this present day. (8)

    Racket-tailed Drongo
    Picture by jon cully from Pixabay

    Drongo Spirit Animal

    The drongo spirit animal is empathetic, clever, playful, and mischievous. Individuals with this spirit animal are fiercely protecting of their family members, however that doesn’t cease them from pulling pranks on their mates and households. Properly-meaning and severe when it counts, the drongo spirit animal will go to nice lengths to land a great joke.

    Individuals with the drongo as their spirit animal are sociable and welcoming. Not one to stay to their very own small group, the drongo spirit animal is completely happy to befriend all kinds of individuals and sees each stranger as a possible buddy. The quickest option to befriend the drongo spirit is thru shared laughter.

    Individuals with the drongo spirit animal might wish to goof round, however when a trick goes to far they’re the primary ones to face up for his or her mates. If there’s one factor the drongo spirit can’t put up with its those that choose on the weaknesses of others.

    Drongo Totem Animal

    The drongo totem animal is related with consciousness. The notice that different creatures bear distinctive psychological states doesn’t appear to be a standard trait amongst animals. But, the drongo is intelligent sufficient to each discover and manipulate the psychological states of different animals. The drongo totem animal connects us with increased consciousness and gives precious perspective.

    When one is struggling to get previous one’s personal challenges, changing into conscious of the distinctive struggles that each different creature is going through is usually a nice supply of consolation and gratitude. The drongo totem animal makes use of perspective as a therapeutic instrument in addition to a manner of understanding the self higher.

    Drongo Energy Animal

    The drongo energy animal is related to cleverness and problem-solving. The drongo shouldn’t be solely intelligent sufficient to trick different animals with its alarm calls, however good sufficient to modify up the alarm calls in order that the animals in query don’t turn into sensible to its tips. The drongo energy animal represents fast pondering and problem-solving skills. (9)

    White-bellied drongo on tree
    Picture by Vinson Tan ( 楊 祖 武 ) from Pixabay

    Individuals with the drongo energy animal could also be drawn to puzzles or might discover that they’re additional expert at discovering novel methods of approaching points.

    Drongo Tattoo That means

    A drongo tattoo might symbolize protectiveness and fearlessness. Because of the protecting drongo, birds like doves can proceed to steer peaceable existences throughout the drongo’s nesting territory, and may depend on the drongo to drive off predators.

    A drongo tattoo may signify mischief, deceit, thievery, or cleverness. The drongo’s tendency to imitate alarm calls and snatch meals is one in all this chook’s most memorable behaviors.

    The drongo is a reasonably intelligent animal, but it surely does nonetheless share its title with the historic racehorse who has turn into synonymous with incompetence. So, a drongo tattoo might signify silliness, stupidity, or failure. That is principally true for Australians, the place this slang is widespread.


    The drongo would possibly sound goofy, however this chook is rather more intelligent than you would possibly suppose. Able to each cutthroat thievery and altruistic protectiveness, the drongo is a sophisticated animal whose unbelievable intelligence each helps and harasses the animals with which it shares its habitat. King of the birds or only a lowly trickster, the drongo’s skills are however spectacular!