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Durham Wildlife Management: Can Skunks Be Harmful?


    As a result of skunks are poorly understood creatures, many individuals regard them with a worry that’s often disproportionate to the precise risk they pose. Nonetheless, an in depth encounter between a skunk and a human or a skunk and a pet can have severely adverse penalties for the human and the pet. In the event you discover a skunk in your property, it is best to deal with it with respect and warning, which incorporates calling for skilled skunk removing in Durham fairly than attempting to deal with the issue your self.

    Are Skunks Aggressive?

    Typically talking, skunks aren’t aggressive animals. They do not assault with out provocation, and when confronted with a possible predator, they like to run away. If they can not discover an escape route, they like to make use of their smelly spray as a defence mechanism to get the potential predator to again off. Skunks often give off warning indicators that they’re about to spray to attempt to scare off the perceived risk with out having to make use of their spray. If the skunk cannot escape and the spray would not work as a deterrent, they could chew or scratch in self-defence, however solely as a final resort.

    Mom skunks are protecting of their infants and should stand their floor even when there may be an escape route obtainable. Nonetheless, they nonetheless will not assault with out provocation. A skunk that’s contaminated with rabies could behave unpredictably, however typically talking, for those who depart skunks alone, they’re going to depart you alone.

    In What Methods Are Skunks Harmful?

    Whereas skunks do not imply any hurt, they’ll trigger it inadvertently. Skunk musk, i.e., the liquid that they spray in self-defence, comprises sulfuric acid. Individuals with underlying respiratory or pores and skin situations can have extreme reactions to it. If it will get into the eyes, it will probably trigger blindness, which can be everlasting. Skunk spray is usually extra harmful to pets than individuals.

    Skunks are frequent carriers of rabies. That does not imply that each one skunks are contaminated, nevertheless it signifies that your danger of an infection from a skunk chew or scratch is larger than it is perhaps from different animals. Skunks also can carry ailments that do not have an effect on people however are harmful to pets, corresponding to distemper. They will additionally introduce parasites corresponding to fleas and ticks to your property, in addition to unfold micro organism by their feces. Parasites and pathogens can have an effect on each you and your pets.

    How Can You Defend Your Household From Skunks?

    In the event you come throughout a skunk,  whether or not in your property or someplace else, it is best to maintain a protected distance. Skunks can spray precisely as much as 10 ft, but when you aren’t getting too shut, they could not see you as a risk.


    Most individuals know the best way to acknowledge a skunk’s distinctive black-and-white markings and maintain their distance. Nevertheless, except a canine or cat has had a run-in with a skunk prior to now, it could not notice that it’s in danger. Canines are particularly inclined to getting sprayed by a skunk as a result of the gestures a skunk makes use of to warn off predators appear to be overtures of friendship to a canine. Skunks are most energetic at night time, so if it’s a must to let your pet out after darkish, activate the outside lights first to startle any skunks that is perhaps there. Do not let pets out for those who see skunks in your property, and do not feed pets exterior as a result of pet meals can appeal to skunks.

    How Does Skedaddle Carry out Skunk Elimination in Durham?

    Skunk Removal Durham

    Our technicians have intensive coaching and expertise to know the best way to do away with a skunk. We first assess to seek out the place the skunk resides in your house and the way it acquired in. We then take away the child skunks by hand and place them in a heated field so the mom can relocate them to a brand new den. We seal off entry factors so the skunks cannot get again in, all with out harming the animals. Discover out extra concerning the wildlife removing providers we provide in Durham.