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Episode 428: May sauropods have farmed?


    Episode 428: May sauropods have farmed? Plus three new dinosaurs: A sauropod and theropod from Pakistan and a basal iguanodontian from Southern China.


    • Two new dinosaurs, the sauropod Khanazeem and the theropod Shansaraiki, have been just lately (largely) described from Pakistan supply
    • The primary basal Iguanodontian from Southern China, Napaisaurus, was just lately described supply
    • A hiker discovered sauropod bones within the Royal Gorge Area of Colorado supply
    • “Huge John” the Triceratops goes to the Glazer Kids’s Museum in Tampa, Florida supply



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    The dinosaur of the day: Camarillasaurus

    • Spinosaurid that lived within the Early Cretaceous in what’s now Teruel Province, Spain (Camarillas Formation)
    • Laborious to say the way it seemed since only some fossils have been discovered, however as a spinosaur, would have had an extended snout, lengthy tail, and doubtless walked on two legs (a minimum of depicted that means in paleoart)
    • Sort species is Camarillasaurus cirugedae
    • Genus identify means “Camarillas lizard”
    • Species identify is in honor of the one that discovered the fossils, Pedro Cirugeda Buj
    • Described in 2014 by Barbara Sánchez-Hernández and Michael Benton
    • Fossils discovered embody a tooth, remoted vertebrae, ribs, and elements of the limb
    • Fossils have been disarticulated however discovered shut collectively
    • Additionally discovered a potential neck vertebra, that was later discovered to be too small to be a part of the identical Camarillasaurus specimen, and even belong “to the identical taxon as Camarillasaurus”, based on Samathi and others in 2021
    • Initially considered a ceratosaur, then considered a spinosaur as of 2021
    • When Camarillasaurus was considered a ceratosaur, it was important as a result of it helped fill within the hole (ceratosaurs identified from the Center and Late Jurassic, after which the Late Cretaceous, and Camarillasaurus lived within the Early Cretaceous)
    • Oliver Rauhut and others recommended Camarillasaurus was a spinosaur in 2019 primarily based on its tail vertebrae and after evaluating it to new fossils discovered the place Camarillasaurus was discovered
    • In 2021, Adun Samathi and others tentatively agreed (discovered Camarillasaurus to be a megalosauroid and probably a spinosaur), and likewise discovered similarities between Camarillasaurus and spinosaur fossils present in Thailand
    • Want extra fossils to know for positive
    • For instance, discovered tail vertebrae in Thailand that seemed much like Baryonyx, primarily based on grooves and depressions within the bones
    • Samathi and others discovered the proof for Camarillasaurus being a ceratosaur to be “doubtful and restricted”, and that the unique paper describing Camarillasaurus didn’t cite options distinctive to ceratosaurs, and lots of the options described are seen in tetanuran theropods and a few have been misinterpreted or misidentified
    • Considered one of 4 spinosaurs identified from the Iberian peninsula, in Spain and Portugal: Camarillasaurus, Baryonyx, Vallibonavenatrix, Iberospinus
    • Different dinosaurs that lived across the identical time and place included sauropods, dromaeosaurs, ornithischians
    • Different animals that lived across the identical time and place included turtles, snakes, fish, mammals, and crocodilians

    Enjoyable Truth:

    The primary sauropod ever placed on show was the Apatosaurus (or possibly Brontosaurus) on the American Museum of Pure Historical past.

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