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    Publicity posters for Fireplace Serpent, Sand Serpents, and Basilisk: The
    Serpent King
    (© John Terlesky/CineTel Movies/Kandu Leisure/Outrage
    Productions/Premiere Bobine/S.V. Scary Movies/Sci-Fi Channel/Lionsgate Dwelling
    Leisure // Jeff Renfroe/Media Professional Footage/Muse Leisure/SyFy/RHI
    Leisure // Stephen Furst/BUFO/Curmudgeon Movies/Sci Fi Footage – all
    three posters reproduced right here on a strictly non-commercial Honest Use foundation for
    academic/assessment functions solely)

    It is all the time a pleasure to look at creature
    options wherein the monsters in query are far faraway from the standard cinematic
    stereotypes (e.g. ferocious man-beasts, werewolves, sea monsters, gargantuan
    bugs, prehistoric survivors), and the three examples showing within the trio
    of monster films reviewed by me right here, courtesy initially of ShukerNature’s sister weblog, Shuker In MovieLand, are positively out of the bizarre, that is for certain!
    They show a vermiform similarity, however their respective origins couldn’t be
    extra dissimilar – solid right down to Earth from the scorching floor of the solar, rudely
    awoken from deep subterranean desert dreaming, and resurrected from a really
    prolonged petrified previous.



    A second publicity poster for Fireplace SerpentJohn Terlesky/CineTel Movies/Kandu Leisure/Outrage
    Productions/Premiere Bobine/S.V. Scary Movies/Sci-Fi Channel/Lionsgate Dwelling
    Leisure – reproduced right here on a strictly non-commercial Honest Use foundation for
    academic/assessment functions solely)


    My film watch on 25 August 2022 was a
    extremely unique sci fi/monster film entitled Fireplace Serpent.

    Directed by John Terlesky, created by
    celebrated Star Trek actor William
    Shatner, and initially screened in 2007 by the Sci-Fi Channel, Fireplace Serpent has as its central idea
    the notion that on occasion all through historical past, certainly one of these eponymous
    fire-embodied serpentine entities is shot forth by way of photo voltaic flares from the solar’s
    scorching floor right down to Earth, the place it commits all method of mayhem,
    inducing large-scale blazes, forest fires, and so on in its seek for gasoline to
    revitalise it.

    In so doing, this ophidian flame-spreader
    will even take over people in its bid to destroy anybody who stands in its path
    earlier than incinerating them internally but with out leaving a mark on them
    externally. Evidently, spontaneous human combustion immediately involves
    thoughts right here, however sadly – and unusually – this extraordinary but still-unexplained
    fiery phenomenon is neither talked about by identify nor included in any manner
    throughout the film.

    The existence of fireplace serpents is understood
    to the US authorities however is stored a closely-guarded secret till maverick
    firefighter Dutch Fallon (performed by Randolph Mantooth), whose girlfriend was
    killed by certainly one of these flying furnaces, decides to plan a way of destroying
    them. This doesn’t go down effectively with one mysterious authorities agent in
    specific, nonetheless, a spiritual fanatic and covert arsonist named Cooke
    (Robert Beltran) who believes that they’re fiery angels despatched by God to cleanse
    the world by fireplace with a purpose to renew it.

    Can Dutch and a few semi-believing
    associates put a cease each to the hearth serpents and to the fire-preaching maniac
    Cooke who seeks to harness them in his mad bid for catastrophic international

    The CGI fireplace serpents are effectively executed,
    and, as I say, this film’s theme is uncommon sufficient to maintain even a hardened
    seen-it-all creature function fan like me and entertained.

    Should you’d care to gaze from the
    flame-retardant security of your couch on the coruscating creatures featured in
    this incandescent film, remember to click on right here
    to look at an official Fireplace Serpent
    trailer on YouTube that will not go away you feeling scorching underneath the collar!



    Shut-up of an enormous sand serpent in
    Sand Serpents (© Jeff Renfroe/Media
    Professional Footage/Muse Leisure/Syfy/RHI Leisure – reproduced right here on a
    strictly non-commercial Honest Use foundation for academic/assessment functions solely)


    On 29 June
    2022, my film watch was the crypto-themed Canadian movie Sand Serpents.

    by Jeff Renfroe, and launched on the Syfy Channel in 2009, Sand Serpents is unquestionably one of many higher entries within the
    long-running made-for-TV ‘Maneater’ sequence of sci fi/horror creature options
    produced by RHI Leisure for Syfy and launched from 2007 onwards.

    Suppose Tremors, however set in Afghanistan
    (though filmed in Romania), Sand
    centres upon a small US particular forces army squad
    led by Lieutenant Richard
    Stanley (performed by Jason Gedrick) and
    looking for to
    elude the Taliban, but additionally going through a fair deadlier and much more sudden foe
    – 60-ft-long predatory worms disturbed from their subterranean realm by a
    large explosion and now looking down and devouring or destroying something
    that betrays its presence to them by way of loud sounds or different vibrations. Not even
    helicopters flying overhead are protected from these voracious vermiforms that rear
    up into the sky and swallow the whirlybirds in a single gulp. Gulp!

    squad’s solely hope is to make its manner by way of a sequence of underground tunnels to
    a location the place yet one more helicopter will try to rescue them, however the
    worms appear intent upon selecting them off, one after the other… Just remember to watch
    this film proper to the very finish, as a result of the closing scene comprises a really dramatic
    and sudden albeit considerably pointless twist.

    For a
    low-budget film, its CGI mega-worms are glorious, with Sand Serpents a worthy homage to the Tremors franchise, and an equally worthy addition to my
    crypto-cinema assortment.

    Furthermore, if
    what I’ve learn in varied opinions of it elsewhere is true, this film’s
    portrayal of the US army in motion in Afghanistan is an honest, comparatively correct
    illustration (although apparently there are numerous authenticity points
    in regards to the troopers’ outfits and insignia – as somebody not well-informed on
    army issues, nonetheless, I could not say).

    For a spectacular
    taster of what to anticipate down deep within the desert the place the large sand serpents
    dwell, remember to click on right here
    to view a trailer of sand serpent excerpts from this film on YouTube.



    A French publicity poster for Basilisk: The Serpent King (© Stephen
    Furst/BUFO/Curmudgeon Movies/Sci Fi Footage – reproduced right here on a strictly
    non-commercial Honest Use foundation for academic/assessment functions solely)


    Considered on the UK’s Horror [now renamed
    Legend] TV Channel, my film look ahead to 18 June 2022 was the creature function Basilisk: The Serpent King.

    Directed by Stephen Furst, filmed in
    Bulgaria, and launched in 2006 on the Sci Fi Channel, Basilisk: The Serpent King opens with a modern-day discovery within the
    Center East of what seem on first sight to be a sequence of stone statues of
    troopers courting again two millennia. These are introduced again to the States by the
    archaeological group that has found them, led by Dr
    Harrison ‘Harry’ McColl
    (performed by Jeremy London), along with their most
    extraordinary discover there – particularly, what once more appears to be a stone statue, however
    this time of an unlimited serpentine dragon, plus a really ornate
    serpent-ornamented sceptre containing a wonderful treasured stone.

    Nevertheless, it is not lengthy earlier than the terrifying
    reality emerges – these ‘statues’ are literally petrified people. Furthermore, when
    the large serpentine dragon ‘statue’ is placed on show within the Colorado college
    museum sponsoring Harry’s archaeological dig, and sensationally involves life throughout
    a significant reception there for the museum’s rich patrons by way of an sudden
    photo-reaction involving the sceptre and a photo voltaic eclipse, it seems to be a
    basilisk, which spits forth a lethal white liquid that when activated by its
    incandescent gaze promptly turns to stone a good few of its awe-struck
    viewers. Not solely that, it is pregnant! (Not a lot a Serpent King as a Serpent
    Queen, subsequently, or are there features of basilisk copy that I’ve but
    to find out about??)

    Anyway, a lot mayhem outcomes, particularly when
    the basilisk lays waste to a multi-story indoor procuring centre (whose property
    & contents insurance coverage is unlikely to cowl wholesale destruction brought on by a
    legendary mega-monster!), and the U.S. military is introduced into play in a determined bid
    to nullify this Medusa-mouthed Center Jap mall-wrecker.

    In the meantime, Harry and mates (certainly one of
    whom, Carlton, is performed by director Furst) no much less desperately try to regain
    possession of the sceptre that has been stolen by a wily and rich albeit
    decidedly wacky villainess named Hannah (Yancy Butler). She plans to make use of it to
    uncover a priceless cache of treasure, uncaring that it additionally occurs to be the
    solely object in existence that may counter the basilisk.

    However its ostensibly incongruous,
    spindly little legs (despite the fact that some conventional basilisk depictions do certainly
    provide it with limbs), the CGI basilisk may be very acceptable, and whereas there
    is an emphasis upon wisecracks and goofy characters, this monster film nonetheless boasts
    its fair proportion of thrills alongside the best way too. Basilisk: The Serpent King was a movie hitherto unknown to me however one
    that I actually loved, and likewise recorded with a purpose to add it to the crypto-themed
    part of my film assortment, as I’ve to this point been unable to find it on

    By the way, for the advantage of zoomythology
    zealots, I need to level out two intrinsic discrepancies between this film’s basilisk
    and conventional ones. Firstly: though the basilisk is certainly referred to in classical
    legends because the king of the serpents, it’s often represented as being fairly
    small, actually nothing remotely as sizeable as this movie’s gargantuan
    consultant. Secondly: and in accordance as soon as once more to legends, ought to a
    basilisk direct its gaze or its venom upon anybody (or some other residing factor),
    the latter is immediately killed, not turned to stone – that extra specialised slaying
    means is as an alternative reserved for the trio of  gorgons in Greek mythology.

    Nonetheless, right here and right here, to petrify you, however, fortunately, not in a gorgonesque method, are a few Basilisk: The Serpent King clips on


    shut encounter of the basilisk selection in Basilisk:
    The Serpent King
    (© Stephen Furst/BUFO/Curmudgeon
    Movies/Sci Fi Footage – reproduced right here on a strictly non-commercial Honest Use
    foundation for academic/assessment functions solely)